Steelers vs Ravens: Overtime rewind

  • The Steelers won the coin toss and chose to receive to start overtime
  • Mendenhall on two carries gets the first down.
  • Dennis Dixon throws the ball deep to Mike Wallace but out of bounds
  • Steelers punt the ball out of bounds to the Ravens
  • The Ravens go three and out and punt to the Steelers
  • Dennis Dixon throws an interception on 3rd down and the Ravens return the ball 20 yards.  Ravens are already in field goal range and are about ready to kick a field goal to win the game in overtime.
  • On 3rd down, Ray Rice runs for a 1st down.  The Ravens have only a 32 yard field goal to win the game.
  • Ray Rice runs the ball again for another first down
  • The Ravens kick a field goal to win the game.

Score: Ravens 20 Steelers 17