Steelers vs Ravens: 4th quarter rewind

  • c has really struggled so far in the 4th quarter
  • The Steelers punt coverage unit almost gave up a touchdown.  According to the reply, it looks like several blocks in the back occurred.
  • Lawrence Timmons blitzed up the middle and caused a Flacco fumble
  • Steelers have very good field position
  • Rashard Mendenhall has run very, very hard in this game.  He has shown a great burst of speed, power, and a nice spin move.  Very impressive considering the Ravens run defense.
  • With 7 minutes left, Dennis Dixon scores a touchdown on a QB draw.  Dennis Dixon was in the shotgun formation and make a reverse to Mike Wallace.  Dixon ran the ball to the right side and received a very nice block from Mewelde Moore that led him to the end zone.  Very nice call by Bruce Arians.
  • Ray Rice called for tripping on 2nd down.  The Steelers accepted and made it 2nd and 19.  The Steelers then held on 3rd down by stopping Ray Rice on a screen pass.
  • Ravens just converted a huge 4th down by Ray Rice.  For some reason James Farrior was 1:1 with Ray Rice and it was a complete mismatch.  Ray Rice caught the pass and ran it 60 yards to the Steelers 10 yard line.  Several Steelers missed tackles.  Lawrence Timmons tackled one of his own players who was in great position to make a tackle.
  • The Steelers hold on 3rd and goal.  The Ravens kick a field goal and tie the score 17-17 with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.
  • Dennis Dixon almost threw an interception on 2nd down.  Consequently, the Steelers run the ball on 3rd down.  A 3 and out for the Steelers
  • Steelers punt the ball and the Ravens almost return it for ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN.  Will MIKE TOMLIN OR THE ST COACH EVER FIX THE SPECIAL TEAMS.  This is getting a bit ridiculous.
  • A 24-yard pass interference call on Ike Taylor with 1 minute remaining in the game.
  • The Steelers caused a last second fumble. The Ravens field goal unit and rushed a last second field goal which comes up about 2 yards short.

Score: 17-17