NFL Makes Money From Illegal Hits

As everyone now knows, the National Football League (NFL) commissioner, Roger Goodell is cracking down on helmet-to-helmet and “devastating hit”. As far as “devastating hits” go, I couldn’t begin to define what that means or how the NFL plans to categorize such hits.

Harrison Knocks Out Massaquoi

I think everyone agrees they don’t like seeing plays getting carted off the field on stretchers. Likewise, no one would wish neurological damage.

With all that being said, the NFL are hypocrites by fining and possibly suspending players for unintentional hits. The NFL makes millions of dollars from these “illegal” hits. It will interesting to see who will be the first agent or player to sue the NFL for monetizing a hit that was classified as illegal by the league and fined the player. Here are just a few items where the NFL is cashing in:

1) A picture of James Harrison’s “illegal” hit being sold by an NFL vendor (Click link for details)

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2) The “Moment of Impact” DVD. (Click link for details)

3) Fining the Players (Where does the money go???)

4) NFL Network (segments that glorify illegal hits)

5) ESPN (formerly the “Jacked Up” segments)

6) FOX / CBS / ESPN announcers & replays that glorifying these hits