Five Steelers Free Agents Who Are Likely To Return To the Team In 2021

The Steelers have several noteworthy free agents this offseason. Pundits believe some of the players could return to the team in 2021. At the Steelers, Mike Tomlin and his team need a plan on how they will handle the 19 unrestricted free agents who could hit the open market in a few weeks. If you are a punter, you must have taken the opportunity to check the betting in Indiana site, for a great chance to bet on the best games, and you will probably agree that this is a unique offseason.

Pittsburgh’s current cap situation means that most of their free agents could move. Nevertheless, they will do all they can to retain some of the players who could be instrumental to their 2021 season campaign. Here are five free agents Pittsburgh will try to resign this offseason:

Cameron Sutton 

Cameron Sutton looks like the most likely free agent to resign for the Steelers this off-season. Sutton turned 26 in February and has a bright future ahead of him. However, Pittsburgh could decide to go with Mike Hilton. 

While Hilton is the better tackler, Sutton is better in coverage and has demonstrated his ability to play outside. So far, he has graded out as Pittsburgh’s best cornerback for two consecutive seasons.

Zach Banner

Zach Banner has been with the Steelers since 2019. He worked hard and stayed focused to become the Steelers’ right tackle. His 2020 season was harsh as he got injured in week 1 in the game against New York Giants. According to some pundits, it would have been very difficult for the Steelers to retain him had he played the whole season. However, Banner is coming off a torn ACL injury and has had two starts heading into his fifth season in the NFL. 

The big offensive tackle knows that Pittsburgh is the place he is likely to earn a starting role in 2021. There is a high likelihood that the Steelers will offer him a reasonable one-year deal that could be improved if he stays fit and plays well. 

Tyson Alualu

Tyson Aualu had an outstanding season with the Steelers last year. However, at 34, the nose tackle’s market value may not be that high. He is at a stage in his career where no one would sign him for a full-time starting role. 

As a result, Alualu could likely end up staying at Steelers to wind up his career. He probably has one year left in his career, and Pittsburgh could be the best place to spend that year. 

Jordan Dangerfield

Jordan might not be the most exciting player you could see returning to the Steelers team next season. He has survived in the team since 2014 despite the team drafting younger players as depth options. 

At 30, Dangerfield’s value in special teams is appreciated by Pittsburgh. He does not have the potential to sign for another team as a rotational defensive player. Therefore, the Steelers could offer him a one-year deal to compete. 

Jordan Berry

Jordan Berry is another free agent likely to return to the team in 2021. Even though he was replaced in the first five games of the season by Dustin Colquitt, he got his chance in the final 11 games. 

He has been at Pittsburgh for seven years now, and they can’t seem to find a better option. Maybe, this is the year they find an option, but there is a higher likelihood that he could return on a cheap deal in 2021.