Cowher Joins Campaign to Educate About Melanoma

From: AP

Bill Cowher wants to teach men about melanoma, a disease whose ravages he knows all too well.

The Super Bowl-winning coach’s wife died of the form of skin cancer in 2010. Now Cowher is the spokesman for a campaign called “Melanoma Exposed.” Launched Tuesday, it seeks to educate all Americans — but particularly men.

“Men are naive to their bodies,” Cowher said. “They don’t pay attention to their skin like women do.”

Cowher coached the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992-2006, winning a Super Bowl after the 2005 season. He is now a TV analyst for CBS.

“When it hits close to home as it did for me, you find yourself wanting to share the message,” Cowher said. “I realized how many people don’t know the risk factors involved.”

Among the messages he wants to share: People of all skin colors are vulnerable to melanoma, and sun damage can occur at any time of year. The goal is for more people to get checked by doctors, monitor hard-to-see parts of their bodies and familiarize themselves with their skin and moles.

The campaign is sponsored by a coalition of melanoma groups and by pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb. It will hold free public screenings at several NFL stadiums this year.

Source: Steelers Gab