4 Steelers Offseason Moves

Although the offseason process is only getting started, the Steelers are making some of the necessary moves to improve upon last season. The Steelers have been in a good place since the coaching hire period, and current rumors boost the confidence of the Illinois sports enthusiast punters, who are looking for great online betting opportunities. However, the offseason will be tough once the free agency opens. It’s also crucial to open the new league year at a good place. Here are several reasons why the Steelers seem to be winning the 2021 offseason.

Cap Projections

While the NFL continues suffering from social distancing measures, the league has reached a unique place where the cap might decrease. That will weigh heavily on most teams as many designs their contracts expecting a rising cap hit as it increases every year. The Steelers are also in the same position, and they might pay the price for that in the offseason. Recent projections show the cap is reaching 185 million from the possible 175-million base, proven to be the most drastic decline.

The Steelers are close to getting cap compliant with the extra space and the team’s rollover cap space. While it’s not yet pretty, it makes the tough offseason to be slightly easier to navigate. Even better, the Steelers must make less drastic cuts and moves to get compliant. That will lead to more resigning and probably even sign an outside, free agent on another team.  The likely candidate would be a center to replace All-Pro Maurkice Pouncey who recently retired.

Dwayne Haskins

While the signing of Dwayne Haskins divided the Steelers fans, it’s evident that his signing was a “can’t lose” situation for the team.  If Haskin’s can’t improve on and off the field, he’ll be cut. Although Dwayne has no chance at being the Franchise’s new face, he’ll be a solid backup at the minimum. That gives the Steelers a solid backup under a cheap contract for about two years. There’s also a chance that Haskins might be the team’s short term plan to backfill Ben Roethlisberger’s position in the case of injury.  Haskins has talent but he has a long way to go before he becomes a starter again in the NFL.

Matt Canada

Although many names have lingered in the rumor mill for some time, it’s hard to dislike Matt Canada’s signing as the offensive coordinator. Matt is a fresh face who’s recorded huge success at the collegiate level thanks to his offenses. Matt’s influence was evident early in the season when the squad was depending more on motions. However, Canada’s biggest issue is that his offense tactics are against staples that players like Roethlisberger are used to.

Matt delivers a good deal of drop backs and several plays in the center instead of Roethlisberger’s recently favored shotgun plays. The team will need to put the scheme to the players if Canada is back, as he’s expected to be here when Roethlisberger retires.

Retention of Coordinators

Retaining the coordinators was the biggest win for the Steelers as they maintained the key staff they need in 2021. Unfortunately, Ike Hilliard, Karl Dunbar, and Teryl Austin didn’t make it on the final list, despite transforming their position groups. Austin and Hilliard interviewed for the coordinator positions, but they weren’t eventual picks despite being qualified. The two will return to the squad for the next season and continue to excel in