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Thread: Tunch Retiring from Broadcasting

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    Tunch Retiring from Broadcasting

    Loved his show and insights. Great Steeler.

    Wish you the best Big Guy!!

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    God Bless him with his fight against ALS, another very cruel disease.

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    I’m showing my age but I remember him when he played for the Steelers. He was a great color commentator and an even better person.

    ALS is an ugly disease. I pray his fight is fruitful.
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    Be extra nice to him now. He might not be with us next year.
    Plan to spend 75 million in cap space in 2022 ( most in the NFL ) and use the 2 comp picks ( 3rd and 5th ) for a killer 2022 draft. We will be back hopefully with better coaching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel Buchsbaum View Post
    Be extra nice to him now. He might not be with us next year.
    Stephen Hawking lived almost 50 yrs after being diagnosed. I know everyone is different but there is hope.

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    high-class individual

    prayers up for Tunch


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