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Thread: Why fans don't like this draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    I agree that just having Ben back indicates that we are not yet stepping into the future, but it also is not holding us back significantly from competing. Sure, not kicking $10M into next season would be better than doing it, but it is not like it kept the team from keeping a significant piece or from developing the next Aaron Rodgers behind Brett Favre. Maybe the team could have kept Nelson with that extra $4M difference this season, but Nelson was entering his final season and I don't think that Nelson/Rudolph would give you a better chance at a SB than Ben/Layne or Pierre.

    Next season you are $10M behind, but this team uses the next year bank on a regular basis so it is no surprise that they would for the year that they expect Ben to retire. I also believe that the Ben contract was a compromise to a franchise legend and the team would not do it any other way. I said at the time that once Ben came out and said that I expected him to take a cut and the team would spread out the hit. The team is left in position to still compete once Ben retires, as soon as they find their next franchise guy. That did not look like it was the case 4 months ago.

    The Steelers generally make reasonable decisions and bringing back Ben is reasonable, especially with the pay cut which mostly protects the future.

    Even though I would have preferred if they didn't.

    Just like this draft. They made decisions I don't necessarily agree with. But their choices aren't unreasonable. And for some reason that's kind of a high bar for most sports teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern_Blitz View Post
    Re: me putting words in your mouth

    I believe you said Creed would be a bust in Pit because he wasn't as athletic as Green.

    Wouldn't that mean the difference in athleticism was significant? The difference between making it and being a bust seems important to me.

    Re: you putting words in my mouth.

    If Green doesn't make it at C, I think it will mostly be because he hasn't really played C. Not because he isn't athletic enough. Maybe because he's not tall enough if that extra inch or so actually matters.

    I don't care much about the weight. Maybe Green just cut more so his 40 time was higher. Guys game the exercises all the time.

    That's why I think the tape is important. And why I think having only a few games with him at C makes the pick more of a risk.

    We'll see what happens in camp. Hopefully it is a full slate of activities for the rookies so they all get as many reps as possible because I think we really want significant contributions from these guys.
    really, your last sentence sums it up. it's all wait and see. we know who they are and how we think it'll fit in the system.. .but, it's all a guessing game
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCHammer View Post
    I don't think this will end well, but am hoping I am wrong.
    My thoughts on this upcoming season.


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