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Thread: Day after draft 5 thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    This makes ZERO sense.

    You know I wanted center round one. People said the center class was so deep we could get one later and I bought in.

    If center was so deep they are convinced Green is gonna be a dominant center, than they got away with going with the best back in the draft, instead of going center in the first AND a top tight end BEFORE drafting a dominant center.

    If you don't like Green THAT makes going RB first questionable.

    Only if waiting for center proves a mistake was our draft order wrong.

    This evaluation predicts Green as dominant. If you think Green is a dominant center, they played it just right.
    But I saw other sites give it a C so I had to as well.

    I would understand if the review was "Drafted a back in the first instead of making sure their back would not get swarmed in the backfield."


    "Went with a project at their greatest position of need instead of any number of sure fire long-term starters."

    Saying you picked a "dominant" center, which would sound like a late first or second round value, as well as the top back (even if you agree that the draft value at RB has been devalued, nobody can believe that having a great one has no value to an offense). I have also seen a lot of comments on Moore being a great value pick and potentially a day one starter at LT.

    I don't know how good these guys are, but if you believe that Moore and Green are quality day one starters then this has to be as good a draft as the team could have hoped for.

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    I'd love to see how the critics graded prior drafts, but am too lazy to go back and check them out...
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