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Thread: Rodgers to Denver

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    Rodgers to Denver

    A deal is close. No details yet.

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    lol. Good luck dude.

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    It worked for Denver with Peyton Manning, so why not do a reboot with Rodgers?

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    If a deal is close it will not involve the Broncos top pick. Not unless the Packers want Surtain.

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    Holy ****. Denver if they do this just became a contender. A really good one.
    Plan to spend $110,094,402 in cap space in 2022 and have 4 comp picks + what we have in the 2022 draft. We will be back hopefully with better coaching.

    See post from 4-27.

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    is this legit? or was this before Denver's pick?
    Didn't GB just take Stokes?

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    Is this actually happening?
    Tomlinís coming back so what can you do?

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    Yesterday, every news outlet I could find said that the Packers were not trading. Zero percent chance.

    This morning, a google search has hits all over the place with it being basically a done deal.

    Just WOW

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    The Green Bay Packers still believe Aaron Rodgers will play for them in 2021, and perhaps beyond. They have no plans to trade him.

    Gutekunst, a fourth-year general manager, denied that the Packers ever told Rodgers they would trade him and reiterated that they have no plans to do that.

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    Interesting misinformation campaign going on in the news. But there's enough chatter that there MUST be some kind of talks between the teams.

    Would the Broncos pass on a QB in the draft otherwise?
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