Steelers winningest team of the 16-game era

Curt Popejoy
April 12, 2021

Best win % during the 16-game era (1978-2020)…#Steelers – 60.9%#Patriots – 60.3%#Broncos – 58.0%#Packers – 56.6%#Ravens – 56.4%#Cowboys – 55.4%#49ers – 55.3%#Eagles – 54.8%#Dolphins – 54.3%#Seahawks – 53.0%#Vikings – 53.0%

The NFL is preparing to usher in a new era. The league is preparing to add a 17th game to the regular season, expanding the schedule by one game. The league has used the 17-game schedule since 1978 and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be left as the winningest team in the league during the 16-game season era.

To put in perspective how good the Steelers have been, 43 seasons have passed since the league expanded the schedule and the Steelers have had a losing record just seven times during that stretch.

Pittsburgh is 4-2 in Super Bowls during this stretch and made the playoffs 25 times.