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Thread: Lots of FAs Still Available

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    Lots of FAs Still Available

    Who’s left out there that you think we should consider.

    I was looking thru lists of remaining FAs and you could probably create a competitive team with just guys currently on the street.

    We have so many holes to fill, but must feel alright with what we have. I don’t see why we wouldn’t scoop a couple more FAs up to solidify the roster.

    There’s big names out there but very little money across the league. I would think some guys could be desperate to sign soon. Others might just be waiting for injuries and the right team to have a need.

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    The number of veteran players who still have some tread on their tires that will be available after the draft will be astounding this year.

    I think we’re sitting in the pre-draft doldrums right now, as the big money is spent and teams will decide between draft pick or veteran. I think there could be 250-350 veterans looking for a team after the draft, many of whom will have to take a low money COVID year salary.

    I would consider 1 or 2 low cost adds through FA (perhaps a slot CB and a #2 TE so those positions will add late round picks or UDFA for depth) to help with the holes.

    Already the most interesting offseason ever, this makes it more so.

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    I think the problem is we don't really have any cap space.

    I believe we are about $11.25 M under the cap per the NFLPA. But there's a bunch of stuff that doesn't include (e.g. extra 2 players to get to 53, no practice squad, no rookie pool, no cushion - usually go in somewhere between $5m and $10m for injuries).

    Dave at The Depot thinks we're actually about $2M over after all those other expenses hit the cap.

    Restructuring Tuitt and Boswell will free up about $5M in space.

    If we do those moves, he projects that we have a little under $3m left to spend on UFAs.

    I won't be surprised if we leave Haden's contract alone or if we do a dummy extension to free up more space this year and pile up more dead money next year. We seem torn between going for it and setting up a rebuild, so who knows.

    But if doing that gets us a chance at another good player (a CB?) maybe we do it?
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    I don't look for any signings until after the draft.


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