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Thread: Tyson vs Jones Boxing Live Stream

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    Tyson vs Jones Boxing Live Stream

    Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. is an upcoming exhibition boxing match contested between former undisputed
    heavyweight world champion, Mike Tyson, and former four-division world champion, Roy Jones Jr.
    [url=]Tyson vs Jones Live Stream Online[/url]
    The bout is scheduled to take place on November 28, 2020, at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.
    Mike Tyson is still one person you definitely don't want to take a punch from. A new video that shows the
    54-year-old boxer preparing for his upcoming fight with Roy Jones Jr. should serve as a reminder of just
    how strong of a fighter Tyson still is.

    Mike Tyson channeled his inner youngster in his latest training video ahead of his much anticipated comeback,
    wearing a shirt with photos of himself in his heyday.Tyson, 54, is set to fight
    the veteran Roy Jones Jr., 51, on November 28 in an eight-round
    [url=]Tyson vs Jones Boxing Live Stream Online[/url]
    exhibition match in California. Tyson has been teasing fans with regular clips of himself getting prepared.
    In his latest clip, posted on Tuesday, Tyson again showcased his blistering hand speed and
    brute power on the pads, all while wearing a T-shirt with pictures of himself.

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    If this fight does take place, Mike Tyson always did the same thing in battle. In fact, he never had a "fight plan", he always relied on his reflexes and punching power. And as long as he was young and had the strength, it worked flawlessly. But ... With age, Mike became tired ... This was the case in both fights with Holyfield and it was so later, at the end of his career. He CAN'T REBUILD, he just does not know how to fight differently and if he does not finish Roy in the first rounds he will have big problems.

    Roy Jones, on the other hand, has always been a smart and resourceful boxer. He could work as a first number, as well as defensively and as a counter-puncher. We recall his fight with Ruiz (I dare to compare him in this regard with Ali, who, knowing that he was in bad shape, chose the appropriate fight pattern and won)

    In this fight, everything will depend on what form Roy Jones will be in.

    Obviously, testing these veterans for doping is pointless. Mike has growth hormones dripping from his ears (hence his "phenomenal" shape)
    I am sure that Roy will also be crammed with prescriptions for the very least.

    So the conclusion. Either Tyson will be able to hit at the beginning of the fight and end up with a quick knockout, or Roy will wear him down with clinches and "drag" him into the later rounds, where he will act as he sees fit ... )

    The ball is on Roy's side.


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