Your all time Steeler regret?

An interesting talker for a nice, lazy holiday. Personally, I’ll have to put some thought into it, but I remember a Roethlisberger throw to Burress in the end zone against the Patriots in the 2004 AFCC, followed by a Bettis run for a yard. Then Cowher chooses not to go for it on fourth down. He took the field goal to go down 31-20. They don’t get it, they’re still down two touchdowns, and the Pats have the ball at their 2-yard line. They get it, they’re kicking off down a touchdown. Is that a regret? I dunno…brings back some bad memories. Either way, enjoy the conversation! – nc

What is your all time Steeler regret…something you wish the organization did or didn’t do, draft a player, sign a player or coaching move etc. My biggest Steeler regret is the organization not signing Rod Woodson and letting him walk in free agency. Rod went on to win a Super Bowl and I am happy for him for that but I still wished he was stay in Pittsburgh. He played with the Ravens, Niners and Raiders and had several more productive years in the NFL. Even if we moved him to safety like he was with Oakland. His instincts on the field were that good and he made the move to safety very easily….what is your biggest Steelers regret…

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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