Woodley Signs Franchise Tag Offer

Outside linebacker, LaMarr Woodley signed his franchise tag offer on Wednesday according to local and national news outlets.  So what does that mean for LaMarr Woodley?  Well, that means that he’ll see a substantial raise of about 9.5 million dollars.

Woodley earned approximately $580,000 last year which is considerably lower than players with similar on the field statistics.  The franchise tag will earn Woodley 10.1 million dollars which is the average of the top 5 highest paid outside linebackers.  The Steelers will likely want to lower that number by signing Woodley to a long term deal.

Woodley’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, said he and the Steelers will work toward signing Woodley to a long-term contract after the NFL’s labor situation is settled.

“They made it very, very clear that they want him to be a Steeler for life,” Hendrickson said.

LaMarr Woodley Stats:

  • 10 sacks, 2 interceptions, three forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries in 2010
  • A second round pick in the 2007
  • Woodley is the second player in franchise history to record double digit sacks in his first three seasons as a starter
  • Woodley has 39 sacks in 4 seasons which is a team record

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