When will the Steelers Learn?

The big news coming out of Browns vs Steelers game is obviously the concussion that Big Ben suffered. After extensive testing, the results came back negative and was confirmed that Roethlisberger suffered a mild concussion. This is Ben’s third concussion and it makes you wonder when three things will happen:

* When will the Rooney’s decide to protect their 100+ million dollar investment with an adequate offensive line. Didn’t Steve Young only have 6 concussions before he retired? Ben and Rooney should take a close look at what is happening. With the amount of sacks that Ben has taken over the past several years, this was bound to happen.

* When will Ben learn to get rid of the ball quicker. It still takes him way too long to go through his progressions. By the time he reaches his 3rd and 4th receiver, it’s too late. And NOTE to Ben, STOP trying to make the big play all the time! Take what the defense gives you and check down!

* When will Bruce Arians learn to adapt his game plan to the game situations and make in-game adjustments. Is it just the fans that see that the short passes to Moore, Miller, Spaeth work? How about the slants to Hines, and Holmes? Why is Bruce Arians calling plays that take so long to develop and involve 7 step drops knowing that our o-line can NOT hold onto their blocks for that long?

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