Update: Bryant Trade Rumors

NFL Network reporter, Ian Rapoport explains the Martavis Bryant rumors.

My understanding is that there are text messages and emails expressing his unhappiness and requesting that he be somewhere else,” said Rapoport. “In writing, if a team grants permission, that is what officially gets filed with the NFLPA, with the NFL and that allows a player’s agents to go out and seek a trade. That has not happened here because as far as my understanding goes, the Steelers have not granted permission. So, there’s no official document, but there are emails and text messages to Steelers people stating his desire to be elsewhere. 

He missed a year. He is urgent. He wants to be back, he wants to get his numbers, he’s never been paid (in a big money contract), said Rapoport. There are a lot of things that he is like in a rush where I know the Steelers are sort of integrating him slowly in the offense. In his mind, he is ready, he wants to be productive, he should be productive, let’s go. And I think missing the year absolutely changes the mindset for him and that should be understood as well.

Everyone has a price. I don’t think he gets traded right now because there wouldn’t be great value, what would you trade him for?” said Rapoport. “He has behaved well. If he starts being really productive, if people say, ‘You know what? The drugs stuff is behind him, he’s great on the field,’ like if they can get value, I could see them trading him. Right now, there’s not a whole lot of leverage there and I’m not sure what he would command.

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