Top 5 moments from the 2019 NFL Draft

Now, while you may love other sports, you cannot ignore the fact that NFL has a flavor that only a few other sports do.

The 2019 NFL draft which was held in Nashville was an awesome experience that kept NFL fans entertained throughout the weekend. If you missed out on anything, you can check this out to know more.

The Top 5 Moments You Will Love from the 2019 NFL Draft

Here are the top five moments that can be described as merely fun.

#5. The Jacksonville Jaguar select Josh Scobee to announce the 69th draft.

It was a beautiful moment when the Jaguars decided to select former player Josh Scobee to announce the 69th pick for the draft.  However, he was not alone because also former player Fred Taylor was with him. He was also selected to announce the other selections of the draft. Scobee ensured that he delivered like he always does by making a quick pause. It was a fun moment.

#4. Christian Wilkins chest bump with Roger Goodell

Clemson, DT, Christian Wilkins decided to pull off something different in the NFL draft. He started by giving the universal chest bump and pointing to the sky.  He indicated that he wanted to hug Roger Goodell who traditionally embraces the first pick in the draft. However, the 13th pick by the Miami Dolphins could not withhold his excitement and gave Goodell a chest bump. Goodell was caught by surprised and almost fell over in the process. It looked like Goodell was a bit injured afterwards. If you have watched other NFL drafts you know how the commissioner loudly gets booed so this was a new experience for him and most of the players contest him. Nor did they probably feel sorry for him.

#3. Dwayne Haskins gets his request granted.

Dwayne was one of the 15th picks by the Washington Redskins. However, it seems that he had a request which he wanted to be fulfilled. He pleaded with the team to take one of the Ohio State receivers; Johnie Dixon, Paris Campbell, and Terry McLaurin. He got his wish as McLaurin was picked in the third round.

#2. Kyle Shanahan is the guy according to Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is officially the most relaxed person in the NFL. Can you imagine that he called the head coach for the 49ers “My guy.” Yes I know that’s on a whole new level. But you know what Shanahan was quite relaxed with the entire scenario.

#1. Pete Carrol shirtless.

Honestly, this did not happen during the NFL draft, but it did happen the same weekend. The Seahawks during a meeting with D.K. Metcalf challenged him to take off his shirt. Someone else also took up the challenge and went shirtless himself; Pete Carroll. It all worked out in the end. The Seahawks drafted Metcalf during the second round.

The 2019 NFL draft was different and exciting this year. Now, things will get slow for awhile and we have to be patient for the season to begin.

Which one is your favorite?  If there are any fun and exciting moments which you enjoyed at the 2019 NFL draft let us know.