Three First Round Targets For The Steelers

It is pretty rare in recent years to see the Pittsburgh Steelers coming off an average season, but their 8-8 record without a playoff berth pretty much is the definition of average. Fans are hoping to see a guy taken at #17 who can step in right away and contribute. With so many variables before they pick, which direction should the Steelers go? Here are the three most likely targets, given that the team stays put in their draft position.

Jarvis Jones

UGA Jarvis Jones

The pro day performance of Jarvis Jones has driven down his stock, but it still might not be low enough to slip to #17.

If he does, one has to think that the Steelers will think long and hard about him. His style would fit perfectly with what the Steelers are all about, as he relentlessly goes after the passer to create havoc in the backfield.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Mike Wallace is no longer in Pittsburgh, so getting one of the best wide receivers in the draft seems like an obvious way to fill a hole. The biggest issue for Pittsburgh is that it appears the St. Louis Rams, who pick right before them, are very interested in Patterson as well. The Tennessee standout is a great playmaker, and he appears to have the size and strength to really excel at the pro level and is one to watch when your fantasy football draft comes around.

Tyler Eifert

While Patterson would be an obvious replacement for Mike Wallace, Tyler Eifert could bring a new wrinkle to the offense. Ben Roethlisberger could utilize a big target for short yardage and in the red zone, while allowing the other wide receivers to try and collectively fill in the void. Eifert’s size and speed is hard for anyone to deal with, meaning he will most likely need to be defended by two guys.

Who should the Steelers select with the #17 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?

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