The 3 Steelers Poised for a breakthrough in 2019

Every year there is an athlete who is poised to make it big. The National Football League never falls short of young stars that have an impact on their teams.  The Steelers are one of the best teams in the NFL. If you are into betting with, we are sure you already know that. So, who are the best players on the team and what can we expect from them this year?

The Best Steelers We Have to Look Forward to

Let me take you through a sports journey as we analyse 3 of the top most promising Steelers this year.


Over the oast years, it seems clear that the Steelers have the best Wide receivers in the league. As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the season, James Washington and some of the handsets they boast of some of the wide receivers in the NFL.   Some of the note true legends include Mike Wallace, Hines Ward and Antonio Brown. However, it seems that the later time is up am he is preparing for retirement. So this begs the question who will take over from him? The answer to this question might be WR James Washington.

 As per the moment, he must be the most important player on the offence. Back in college, he was just too fast and too physical for college defenders. His best plays were on go routes, after catching 16 passes as a rookie, his career is so promising, and the way forward for him is up all the way.

The Steelers have a lengthy resume of transforming wide receivers into stars, and in his case, he is very promising. For him to win in the NFL, he is going to need to expand his route and focus more as he will have to face more experienced defensive players. But one thing is for sure, the era of Washington has begun.


Back in college Allen was a solid player for Penn State. Furthermore, since he was young Allen had been a big fan of the Steelers. When he joined the Steelers, it was a sure win for both the team and Allen. However last year he suffered injuries that prevented him from contributing.

However, it seems this upcoming season could be his to shine. Morgan Burnet is leaving the team which gives Allen enough time to become the next man up to start at safety.


Eli Rogers had been described as the great weapon that the Steelers needed last season. Although the team can boast of Ryan Switzer and James Washington, Rogers coming back will make the team stronger. Rogers is an excellent receiver, and once he has the ball in his hands, it is just magic.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have once again renewed a two-year contract deal with Rogers.

Another star that you should be matched for is T.J Watt. The linebacker is also poised for a big breakout this year.

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