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Report: Mike Wallace says he won’t sign “until he has to”

With the period for restricted free agency movement concluded, and with no restricted free agents signing offer sheets with new teams, those who have yet to sign tender offers from their current teams must decide when and if to do so. Steelers receiver Mike Wallace, the highest-profile restricted free agent without a contract, reportedly doesn’t…

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Report: Steelers likely won’t entertain offers for Mike Wallace

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With the recent rumblings that a bunch of teams are interested in trading for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn’t see it happening.
I agree with Bouchette, the Steelers won’t go out of their way to trade Wallace.  Even though he doesn’t plan on signing his restricted free agent tender, he’ll be playing in Pittsburgh in 2012, unless a team is willing to sign him as a restricted free agent and give the Steelers a first round pick in return.  And that likely won’t happen either.

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Steelers Won’t Bring Back Sepulveda In 2012

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) — Punter Daniel Sepulveda will not be in a Steelers uniform for the 2012 season, according to a report by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The team has decided to not bring him back. Jeremy Kapinos is now the only punter on the Steelers roster.

Pittsburgh’s decision most likely stems from multiple knee injuries to Sepulveda since being drafted in the fourth round in 2007. He tore his ACL in 2008 and missed the entire season. In 2010, he missed another 12 games because of a torn ACL.

Sepulveda was placed on injured reserve last season with an injured meniscus.

Other Steelers news:

  • Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson, who was badly burned in a fire Jan. 6, visited the team Wednesday and is expected to resume his duties this summer.
  • Mississippi offensive tackle Bobby Massie met with the Steelers Wednesday at their Southside practice facility.

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Steelers Tell P Daniel Sepulveda He Won’t Be Back in 2012

Entering 2012 the Steelers won’t have to worry about punter Daniel Sepulveda being healthy. He won’t be with the team anymore to worry about.

Wednesday Sepulveda told the Post-Gazette he’s been told that the Steelers have told him he won’t be back with the team in 2012, this after playing parts of four seasons and missing a fifth.

Bottom line, the Steelers learned the risk the hard way of moving up and picking up a punter in the fourth round. The 28-year-old has been on injured reserve three times the past four seasons and has undergone five knee surgeries.

Jeremy Kapinos replaced him the past two years, and he will get a long look in camp.

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Cut players won’t be returning to the Steelers

When the Steelers cut several veteran members of the team to get under the cap earlier this month, there wasn’t much said about the chances that any of them could return at lower salaries. For wide receiver Hines Ward, who announced his retirement, and defensive end Aaron Smith, who hinted at it, that’s not much…

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Peyton Manning Won’t be the First Future Hall of Fame Quarterback to Finish His Career With a Different team. A Look Back at How Others Have Done


It appears that legendary quarterback Peyton Manning, who was cut by the Colts last week after 14 years, is nearing a decision on a new team. Where will the future Hall of Fame quarterback finish his career?

Will the 35 year old Manning head to Denver and, at least temporarily, put an end to Tebowmania? Will he follow in Kurt Warner’s footsteps and head to the desert to play pitch-and-catch with Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals? Or will he stay close to his condo in South Florida and give the Dolphins the first glimpse of a legitimate quarterback since the days of Dante Marino?

It’s still anyone’s guess at this point.

Manning won’t be the first quarterback of his stature to end his career with another team. In-fact, several come to mind. Below, I will give a brief review of how each quarterback’s careers ended after they left their signature teams.

Johnny Unitas

You might say that Unitas was the Manning of his day. Playing 17 seasons with the Baltimore Colts from 1956-1972, Unitas passed for just under 40,000 yards and threw 287 touchdown passes. He was also NFL MVP three times and led Baltimore to three World Championships, including Super Bowl V in 1970 at age 37. At the age of 40, Unitas was traded to the San Diego Chargers before the ’73 season. There, he started only four games, going 1-3 and throwing for 471 yards, three touchdowns and seven interceptions. Unitas eventually gave way to fellow future Hall of Famer Dan Fouts, and retired from football following that season. Unitas became the first quarterback to pass for over 40,000 yards and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979.

Joe Namath

Namath played for 12 seasons with the New York Jets from 1965-1976 and was known for both his play on the field as well as his partying ways off of it. He is best remembered for his famous quote prior to Super Bowl III, where he guaranteed that his Jets, a member of the then AFL and a huge underdog, would defeat the 15-1 Baltimore Colts of the NFL. Namath backed up his boast, as the Jets upset the heavily favored Colts, 16-7, and helped to legitimize the AFL in what is regarded by many as one of the most important games in pro football history. Namath’s final years in New York were sidetracked with injuries, and in 1977, he was waived by New York and signed with the Los Angeles Rams. Namath was unable to overcome his injury problems with the Rams and only played in four games that year before retiring from football for good. Namath was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

Joe Montana

Montana played 13 seasons for the San Francisco 49ers from 1979-1992, passing for over 35000 yards and 244 touchdowns. Montana was named NFL MVP two times and helped lead the 49ers to four Super Bowl titles in the 80’s. Montana was voted Super Bowl MVP three times and is only one of two quarterbacks to win four Super Bowls during his career. Due to injury, Montana missed all of ’91 and only played in one game in ’92 before being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in ’93 at the age of 37. Montana played two seasons in Kansas City, going 17-8 as a starter and leading the Chiefs to two playoff victories in 1993–including a come-from-behind overtime win against the Steelers in the wild card round. Montana retired following the ’94 season and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

Brett Favre

After a brief stint with the Falcons in 1991, Favre played for the Packers from 1992-2007 and would go on to have one of the greatest careers in NFL history. While in Green Bay, Favre compiled a record of 160-93 as a starter and passed for over 61,000 yards and 442 touchdowns. Favre was voted NFL MVP for three straight years starting in 1995 and helped to lead the Packers to their first World Championship since the 1967 season with a victory in Super Bowl XXXI in January of ’97. After much speculation, Favre announced his retirement following the 2007 season. However, after expressing a desire to come back, the Packers eventually traded Favre to the Jets prior to the 2008 season. Favre would lead the Jets to a 9-7 record that year, as he threw 22 touchdown passes and 22 interceptions. Favre again announced his retirement following the season, but instead, returned to play the 2009 campaign with the Packers NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Favre turned 40 during the ’09 season, but he still had enough in the tank to throw for 4200 yards and 33 touchdowns, as he led the Vikings to a 12-4 regular season record. The Vikings advanced to the NFC Championship game, and Favre had the team on the doorstep of its first Super Bowl berth since January of 1977, before throwing a critical interception at the end of regulation, the Vikings eventually lost to the Saints in overtime. Favre came back for one more season with the Vikings, and he went 5-8 as a starter before officially retiring following the 2010 season. All-in-all, Favre passed for over 71,000 yards and 508 touchdowns in his remarkable career, and, much like Manning, his ticket to Canton is already stamped.

So, where will Manning finish his career, and what kind of success will he have? Will age and the neck surgery that he had prior to the 2011 season force him to retire after only a few games like Unitas and Namath? Will he lead his new team on a playoff run like Montana and Favre did with their new teams?

Or, will Peyton Manning do the unheard of, and not only continue to play at a high-level, but become the first starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams?

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Steelers won’t use franchise tag on Mike Wallace

Last week Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert said the team is committed to keeping soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace, and the franchise tag was still an option. But now that teams are free to use the franchise tag, the Steelers have reportedly decided against it. Instead, the Steelers will use the first-round restricted free…

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Even if Hines Ward Finishes His Career with Another Team, it Won’t Tarnish His Legacy with the Steelers


What do Joe Montana, Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson and Jerry Rice all have in common? They were legendary football players who were almost synonymous with the teams they played with in the prime of their careers, yet, they all retired after playing their “golden” years with other teams.

There’s been much talk and speculation in Steeler Nation about whether or not Hines Ward has played his last game with the Steelers, and whether he’ll retire as a member of the Black and Gold or finish out his playing days with another team.

According to reports, the Steelers may part ways with Ward even though he’s willing to do whatever he can to restructure his contract in-order to help the team fix their cap troubles.

If Hines Ward does have to leave, many fans (including me) would hate to see him play out the twilight of his career with another team.

In today’s day and age of free agency and rampant player movement, it’s always refreshing to see a legend play for the same team his entire career. It certainly makes for a great story, but at the end of the day, if Hines Ward still wants to play football, I hope he’s not judged too harshly by the fans and media for it.

Ward is one of the very few people in the world who is lucky enough to get to do what he’s been doing for the past 14 seasons–excel in a sport at its highest level.

Once any professional athlete decides to hang it up, that’s pretty much it. If a lawyer decides he or she wants to give up practicing law, they know in the back of their mind they can go back to it any time they want.

It’s different for an athlete. Hines will be 36 years old this season, and in our minds as football fans, he’s an old geezer, but in terms of the real world, he’s still in the prime of his life, and it’s hard to walk away from something you’ve always loved at such a young age.

No matter what Ward does the rest of his life, he probably won’t be able to replace the thrill and excitement that he gets from playing football in front of thousands of screaming fans. He won’t find it dancing, he probably won’t get that same rush acting, and I doubt even a career as a football analyst will be able to fill the void of competing on the football field.

This is where the fans have it over the players. Cheering for the Steelers will give me the same rush when I’m in my 50’s and 60’s that it gives me now, and that it gave me when I was a kid.

In the grand scheme of things, Ward only has a very small window to live out his dream, and if he feels he still wants to play, even for another team, I don’t think it will harm his image in Pittsburgh after he finally does retire.

Does anyone even remember that Joe Montana played his final years with the Kansas City Chiefs? When I was a kid, I was amazed to find out that Joe Namath retired after playing a year or so with the Rams.

Did anyone even know that Jerry Rice played his last official game in 2004 as a member of the Seattle Seahawks? I sure didn’t. In my mind, Rice will always be a 49er.

Closer to home, Steelers legends like Franco Harris and Rod Woodson finished their careers with other teams. Heck, Woodson played a significant amount of time after leaving the Steelers and even won a championship as a member of the Ravens. However, I think it’s safe to say that when people think of Rod Woodson, they picture him making a huge play while wearing the black and gold.

Would it seem weird for me to see Ward’s famous smile under a different colored helmet? No doubt, and heck, I might even catch some ribbing from fans of other teams for it, but I’m sure Hines Ward isn’t concerned about my message board cred, he has to do what’s best for him.

No matter where he finishes his career, Hines will always be a Steeler to me.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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Report: Hines Ward Won’t Be Back

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The NFL Network is reporting Hines Ward won’t be back in the black and gold next season.

The Steelers are currently reworking contracts to try and get under the salary cap.

Ward has one year left on his contract worth $ 4 million.

On the field, he’s taken a back seat to younger players like Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.

Ward told reporters last week at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis he wanted to come back next season.

“I plan on playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers and going from there,” he said.

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Report: Hines Ward won’t be back with Steelers

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As the Steelers scramble to clear cap space, a $ 4 million chunk could be opening up in one fell swoop. Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Steelers won’t bring back veteran receiver Hines Ward for a 15th season with the team. In 2011, Ward slid down the depth chart, which makes him…

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