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Bell Speaks His Mind On Negative Tweets

Last night draft pick Le’Veon Bell had four carries, but went down with a foot injury, one that he is having a MRI on today to make sure there is no significant damage. Twitter was abuzz about the injury when it went down, and already there’s a lot of talk about Bell being injury prone, […]...

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Steeler Players Tweets Of The Week

Some of the better Tweets around Steeler Nation this week from the players on the roster who like to throw out their thoughts on the team, their life, and what’s going on in the world. STEELERNATION! It's almost time to turn up!!! Lets gooooo!!!!! we've been grindin for the city now it's time to put [...]...

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Maurkice Pouncey tweets apology for ‘Free Hernandez’ hat

On Sunday, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey raised a few eyebrows when a photo surfaced of him and his brother, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, wearing "Free Hernandez" hats at a club.
Although he was college teammates with Aaron Hernandez, the former Pats tight end, Pouncey realized his mistake and apologized on his Twitter account Monday.
"I fully ...

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Steelers’ Alameda Ta’amu tweets a really dumb picture of himself

Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu made a huge mistake and tweeted a picture of himself with a bottle of alcohol while riding in a vehicle.
Just realized I retweeted a bad pic from after the draft last year.Friend from home messin with me. I don’t drink anymore. HONEST MISTAKE
— Alameda Taamu 95 (@MEDATAAMU74) April 8, 2013

I do...

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Tweets from the Combine


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PFT Live: Steelers talk with Ed Bouchette, PFT Planet calls and tweets

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The Steelers find themselves headed into a big divisional game this weekend without Ben Roethlisberger. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will join Mike Florio to look ahead to the game, with particular emphasis on how he thinks Byron Leftwich will do as the team’s starter. We’ll also find out what Bouchette is hearing about&#...

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Irsay tweets about “trade winds” involving “serious vet/starter”

After Peyton Manning was fired and Andrew Luck was hired, we didn’t think there would be much for Colts owner Jim Irsay to tweet about. Wrong again. Irsay says, with enough all caps to hurt the eyeballs and exclamation points to make Jake Jarmel hurl, that the trade winds are blowing. He says that they’re…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

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Max Starks tweets that he’s returning to Steelers

The Steelers apparently have some depth on the offensive line now. Veteran tackle Max Starks just tweeted out a picture of a one-year contract with the Steelers, along with the message “It’s real and sealed! I’ll be seeing you in Latrobe!” Bringing back the 30-year-old Starks lends some stability to what could have been a…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

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William Gay tweets that he’s joining the Cardinals

Twitter has become the preferred avenue for athletes to announce their plans this offseason and William Gay is not averse to hopping on board the trend. Early Sunday morning, Gay tweeted that “O yeah by the way I’m #Birdgang now west coast,” which, when translated out of Twitterspeak, means that he’s decided to play for…

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Steelers New Nike Uniform Gloves On Display Today At Pro Bowl, No Twitter Tweets For Harrison

Nike will become the official uniform provider for the NFL in 2012 as they take over Reebok and today you can get a glimpse of the new Nike Vapor Jet gloves during the 2012 Pro Bowl. Nike made the announcement on their Facebook page a few days ago and you can see the Steelers version of the new Nike gloves below that Steelers players Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Ryan Clark figure to be wearing today. You may even see linebacker James Harrison wearing them as well, but one thing you will not see from Harrison today is tweets on Twitter. Harrison finds the double standards appalling and tweeted Read more [...]

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