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Steelers Trading Of LB Adrian Robinson Could Bode Well For LB Alan Baxter

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded outside linebacker Arian Robinson to the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday in exchange for running back Felix Jones and while we will continue to analyze the Jones side of the deal, it is worth looking at what dealing away Robinson means as well. The Steelers are fortunate right now that they consider […]
Steelers Tradi…

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Why Does Trading Back in the First Round of the 2013 NFL Draft Make So Much Sense for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There are a bunch of options for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. They could take an outside linebacker, inside linebacker, safety, wide receiver, running back, tight end, or offensive lineman and some of the top players at those positions may still be on the board when the Steelers are put on the clock with the sev…

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Trading Back in the 2013 NFL Draft May Not Hold Much Value for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Heading towards the 2013 NFL Draft things are getting less clear as to who will be drafted in the top 10. Typically at this point we have at least some idea who the top ten picks will be, but like the NCAA tournament this year things are all over the place and it’s really just a guessing game at this point. Yesterday ESPN’s John Clayton was dis…

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Steelers 2013 Draft: Should they consider trading up?

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Steelers 2013 Draft: Trading Back may be Best Option

If there is one thing that most draft experts can agree on it’s that the 2013 NFL draft is deep in terms of quality players. What can also be agreed on is that the top of the first round lacks the big time talent that is typically associated with the NFL draft. In fact, the draft is deep in second round talent more than anything.
Therefore, the S…

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Report: Wallace Could Be on Trading Block After Antonio Brown Signs Rumored Wallace Deal

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Steelers wideout Antonio Brown has signed a new 5-year, $ 42m extension through 2017 with $ 8m guaranteed, similar to the offer Mike Wallace was reportedly given. Brown’s salaries are now locked in at $ 540,000 in 2012, $ 4.5m in 2013, $ 6m each in 2014 and 2015. Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette originally said on NFL Network […]…

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