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Colt McCoy doesn’t think James Harrison hit was a cheap shot

Steelers linebacker James Harrison was suspended for a game for the helmet-to-helmet that concussed Browns quarterback Colt McCoy last year, but McCoy has no hard feelings. McCoy said on the Dan Patrick Show that he did not think Harrison’s hit was a cheap shot, and that Harrison was simply going after the quarterback aggressively, as…

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Polamalu: Tebow ran an offense you don’t think can work in the NFL

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu isn’t taking anything away from Tim Tebow or the Denver team that beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs, but five months later he’s still baffled that the offense the Broncos were running with Tebow at the helm was able to beat the Steelers. Polamalu told Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports that he’s…

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Polamalu, Foote think kids should play football

Three weeks ago, I desperately wanted a break from all the stories about whether kids should play football.  Now, I desperately want a break from all the stories about the back-to-the-future toxic relationship between the NFL and the NFLPA. And, of course, the respite comes via another story about whether kids should play football. But…

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Does Mike Wallace Really Think He Can Win a Staring Contest Against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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Last week, it was reported that Mike Wallace, a restricted free agent, had decided that he wasn’t going to sign the Steelers $ 2.7 million one year tender. This indicated that Wallace’s intention was to draw a line in the sand and enter into a battle of wills with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You knew that already, of course. Neal Coolong summarized that quite succinctly last week when the news first broke.

That’s old news.

What’s even older news is that it’s almost impossible to win a staring contest with the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Wallace doesn’t know this, his agent should, and they should probably try to come up with a better plan if they’re going to get what they want.

More highly decorated Steelers than Mike Wallace have tried this tactic in the past, and they have failed.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most disciplined approaches to running a business in all of professional sports. If they establish a way of doing things, a policy, they very rarely go off course.

For example, the Steeler hardly ever make big splashes in free agency. This often frustrates fans who want them to go hard after the top names each and every offseason. But the Steelers would rather build through the draft, develop their own stars, and sign them to huge deals when the time is right. The team just ignores the protests from the outside, continues to do their thing every year, and it has worked to the tune of being the most successful franchise in the NFL over the past 40 seasons.

The Steelers have also set a precedent of not re-negotiating contracts during the regular season.

In 1988, Pro Bowl linebacker Mike Merriweather held out the entire season despite still being under contract. The Steelers never gave in to this negotiation tactic, and they simply traded him away for a first round pick in 1989.

Want a more recent example? In 2005, Hines Ward, one of the greatest Steelers of all-time, held out the first couple of weeks of training camp because he wanted a new deal even though he still had another year remaining on his then current contract.

Did Hines think it was going to work? I don’t know. But it wasn’t long before then coach Bill Cowher persuaded Ward to come to camp, and it wasn’t long before the team took care of him with a new contract. Yes, Ward eventually got his deal, but that’s because he came to his senses and, unlike Merriweather, decided to negotiate in good faith. Had Ward continued to hold out, he probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

That’s two examples nearly two-decades apart of how the Steelers handle strong-arm negotiation tactics. They simply don’t back down.

Wallace should take notes.

There has been speculation floating around over the past few weeks that Wallace wants Larry Fitzgerald money. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that he’s not going to get that kind of money from the Steelers, not with their salary cap situation being what it is. The team had to cut ties with a few veterans and ask a few others to re-structure their contracts just so they could barely get under the cap.

Very few restricted free agents sign offer sheets, but Wallace is an attractive enough receiver–the best deep threat in the game– that you would think someone would have taken at least a slight interest in him and tried to sign him to an offer sheet. The fact that Wallace has had very little interest from other teams at this late point is a pretty fair indication that maybe he is over-valuing his worth just a little bit.

I don’t think Wallace has much leverage at this point. His only real recourse is to sign the tender sheet and play out his last year with the Steelers and see what happens.

Do I think Wallace is worth Fitzgerald money? Personally, no, not yet. But that’s just my opinion, and things would change pretty fast if Wallace goes out and sets the league on fire this season.

If he establishes himself to be the equal to Fitzgerald and receivers like him, Wallace will have the leverage as he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2013..

And, who knows? The Steelers might actually be willing to find a way to give him a fair market deal.

As I said, the Steelers may hold their ground when re-negotiating, but they do want to keep their own stars whenever they can.

As a restricted free agent, Mike Wallace is under no obligation to sign anything or do anything. But he owes it to himself to at least sign the tender sheet if he and the Steelers can’t come to an agreement before training camp.

If he wants his big contract, he has a 16-week job interview coming up to show the Steelers and the rest of the NFL what he’s truly worth.

That’s his best option. Hopefully, he’ll come around, because the Steelers aren’t going to change their approach to business.

They always win their staring contests.

My guess is that Mike Wallace will be the one who blinks first.

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Ben Roethlisberger Doesn’t Think The Steelers Need A Fullback

One of the biggest criticisms that former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians received from the fan base during his time in Pittsburgh was that he didn’t use a true fullback and instead opted to use h-back David Johnson at times in a fullback type role as well as two and three tight end sets.

Now that Todd Haley has arrived as the new offensive coordinator we still do not have any clarity whether or not he will use a traditional fullback in his offense, but if it were up to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, he won’t.

Roethlisberger recently sat down with Bob Pompeani from Read more […]

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Redskins think quarterback search is over

Washington Redskins receiver Anthony Armstrong, who hopes to be catching passes soon from Robert Griffin III, tweeted that "Stock in Superman socks just sky rocketed."

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Why I Think A New Deal Will Be Reached With Mike Wallace Before March 5th

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With the 2012 NFL combine getting started on Wednesday, I thought now would be the perfect time to give my gut feeling thoughts on what will happen with Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace.

I have talked extensively about the options the Steelers have in regards to placing a first round tender or using the franchise tag on Wallace, but as I mentioned in the podcast last Friday, the best case solution is to just have him signed to a long term deal before having to use either of those on him.

Using just a first round tender is mighty risky, even though it returns Read more […]

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Seriously Pouncey? Think Before You Tweet

Seems that one of the Steelers better young players used some ‘not so good’ judgement following the game last night. At least that’s the opinion of this writer. Center Maurkice Pouncey, who missed the game with an ankle injury, sent out the following Tweet following the game last night. Note the Tweet has been cleaned up due it’s profanity.

Go f*&k wit my nigga @YoGottiKOM and Pre-Order #LiveFromDaKitchen From iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/live-from-the-kitchen/id489929216


While Steeler Nation is looking to recover, and other players are saying they are sorry for the loss, Pouncey decided to Tweet about some rapper who has a new album coming out on ITunes. Not only that, he dropped an F-bomb as well.


Don’t think Pouncey got away easy with the Tweet, as a number of people, most who appeared to be Steeler fans, jumped on the Pro Bowl center for the Tweet:

As you can see by the next response, fellow Flordia grad and Steelers rookie tackle Marcus Gilbert also must have tweeted the same type of thing:


Pouncey actually responded to this one:

Nice. Listen, I get it – it’s a long season and emotions run high. I guess I just wish sometimes these guys would think before tweeting. To his credit, Pouncey did say the following on Twitter today:



Maybe next time, he’ll thinks before he Tweets.

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Steelers QB Batch: ‘I Think They’ll Work Something Out’ With Hines Ward

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) — Pittsburgh Steelers QB Charlie Batch drops by the Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan studio for a visit with Vinnie & Cook.

Charlie looks back at the loss to the Broncos and admits that Tim Tebow played better against Pittsburgh than his tape showed.

Charlie shares his thoughts on Bruce Arians and Hines Ward, tells us if retirement is on his plate, and looks into his crystal ball for the Steelers’ future.

Charlie also takes a look at the rest of the AFC playoff picture, and explains why Houston may have an advantage over Baltimore on Sunday.

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Steelers LB James Harrison Doesn’t Think He Will Be Suspended For Colt McCoy Hit

Gerry Dulac reported today via Twitter that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison said today that he doesn’t think he will be suspended by NFL for his helmet-to-helmet hit Thursday night on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Dulac quoted Harrison as saying, “I don’t think I have anything to worry about.” According to Dulac, Harrison continued on to say, “Not going to go with ifs. I don’t have to worry about that. We’ll see what happens.” There have been several reports speculating since the game ended Thursday night that Harrison will likely be fined six figures for the fourth Read more […]Steelers LB James Harrison Doesn’t Think He Will Be Suspended For Colt McCoy Hit is a post from: Steelers Depot

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