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Pittsburgh Steelers stability is from doing the right thing, so do it.

Sometimes you get a good bounce and sometime you don’t. There aren’t many right angles, nor straight lines, but instead a pendulous ebb and flow as we traverse the rocky playing field of life, oft times we come up short. Charles Bukowski wrote, ”What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” This is true in football as it is in…

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Steelers seeking stability on defensive front

Anchored on the front line by NT Casey Hampton and bookend DEs Kimo Von Oelhoffen and Aaron Smith the dominant 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers defense allowed a stingy 3.4 yards per carry. Von Oelhoffen left for Gang Green pastures following the Superbowl season and was replaced by incumbent DE Brett Keisel. The Steelers played .500 football in 2006 but t…

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Tackle Max Starks is Healthly, Could Again Add Stability to Offensive Line

For Pittsburgh Steelers fans, these past few weeks have been crawling along at a snails pace as the team prepares for training camp. While there has been some tidbits dropped on the Mike Wallace situation and there have been a couple of small transactions, no sweeping news has truly become known.Although, if fans can read between some lines and look closely at social media outlets such as twitter, they may expect to see a roster move shortly. At the end of last week on twitter, veteran offensive tackle (and Ben Roethlisberger favorite) Max Starks (@maxstarks78) announced he was working on pass protection and felt he was near 100 percent. Something that should ring as music to the ears of Steelers fans across Steeler Nation.

Last season, Starks was instrumental in stabilizing the offensive line once he returned to the team. In fact, one can argue that without him, the Steelers would not have made it to the playoffs in 2011. Unfortunately, his season (like the Steelers) came to a pa…

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