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Mike Tomlin sounds positive note on Le’Veon Bell’s recovery

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin indicated Thursday that rookie running back Le’Veon Bell is showing positive signs in his recovery from a mid-foot sprain suffered in Monday’s loss at Washington. Tomlin told reporters that Bell is able to do some physical activity “without discomfort.” Moreover, Tomlin indicated that Bell wil...

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Steelers Sights & Sounds – vs. Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field on August 24, 2013. These are the exclusive sights and sounds from the game....

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Sounds like Emannuel Sanders could be headed for free agency in 2014

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Emmanuel Sanders’ agent Jordan Woy says the Steelers will need to make his client a great offer if they want to keep him from hitting free agency after this upcoming season.
Sanders’ agent, Jordan Woy, indicated to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last month that unrestricted free agency was likely. He said ...

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Pittsburgh Steelers New Blocking Scheme Not as Different as it Sounds

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been rumored to be adding more zone blocking to their offensive line scheme since hiring Jack Bicknell Jr. Now that their off-season program has started it has become clear just what they plan to do. Over their recent history the Steelers have used a power scheme and inside blocking scheme. During the first few days of ...

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Sights & Sounds of 2012

Exclusive highlights from the Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 season....

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Former Steelers LB Greg Lloyd Sounds Off On Direction of Offensive NFL


Many Steelers fans have been waiting for former LB Greg Lloyd to weigh in on the NFL's current direction of offensive emphasis and general "safety" initiatives.

The wait is over.

Lloyd, speaking to WXIX-TV in Cincinnati while at Bengals coach Marvin Lewis's charity golf tournament (Lewis was Lloyd's position coach in Pittsburgh), minced no words over the matter, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who remembers Lloyd from his "I Wasn't Hired For My Disposition" t-shirts.

He played up the recent scoring increases the NFL has seen in comments about the state of the league.

I don't want to see a game where the damn score is 75 to one or 75 to two, all this passing and passing. I want to see somebody hit a quarterback, ... that is what people come to see. And at the end of the day if he gets hurt, so be it.

It's unclear whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will seek to fine Lloyd for his comments, but no doubt, someone's going to try to reach out to Lloyd, typically media-reclusive, to ask him about bounties. No mention of that question is in the report.

What is, though, is Lloyd's typical bravado and wit, calling out Goodell for what he feels is a watering down of the game he played at a high level throughout the 1990s, as well as a lack of effort, in his eyes, to have protected players during his time.

This is not PBS, it's not the public channel that you go watch. It's the National Football League, it's a violent freaking game. The point of it is that if the NFL and the league would get behind and start taking care of their older players and taking care of guys, they wouldn't have these issues. As opposed to saying, 'Hey, go out there, do it hard, then bang we're done with you.'

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

James Harrison Sounds Off About Bountygate on Twitter

Often fined and targeted Steelers linebacker James Harrison has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder when talking about the New Orleans Saints “bounty system” coming to light. Harrison has racked up over $ 100,000 in fines the last two seasons, as well as faced a game suspension, all for questionable dirty or illegal hits to opposing players.

However, Harrison and teammate, safety Ryan Clark, both have come out and said the Steelers have never had a bounty system in place, although on other teams Clark said he’s seen rewards on defense for interceptions, fumbles forced, and even big hits. But never to the extent of purposely injuring a targeted opposing player.

Yesterday on Twitter, Harrison sounded off, saying that if he were accused of participating in a bounty system, he would already be out of the NFL. I am hard pressed not to agree with him, as Roger Goodell has made Harrison the poster boyfor his emphasis on player safety. Harrison tweeted:

“I’ll just say this, if that was me I would have been kicked out of the NFL!!!”
[tweet https://twitter.com/jharrison9292/status/176367911752052736]

I can only imagine what Harrison’s reaction will be if the league doesn’t impose some harsh punishments on everybody involved with Bountygate, from Saints owner Mickey Loomis on down.

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

Aaron Smith sounds likely to retire

Released by the Steelers after 13 seasons, defensive end Aaron Smith sounds more likely to retire than find another team that will pay him. “We’re celebrating [13] years of having the privilege of playing for the Steelers, and Aaron is celebrating having more time with his five kids and wife. There are no hard feelings,”…

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