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Statement on Judge James Ruling

Mark Hart Statement on Judge James Ruling While we are disappointed that our Motion for Partial Summary Judgment against the SEA was not granted, we look forward to the opportunity to present our f......

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Rashard Mendenhall not ruling himself out for Week One

When Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall tore his ACL in the season finale, it created some doubt about whether he’d be able to get back on the field in time to help the team during the 2012 season. Mendenhall still isn’t sure when he’ll be back, but he’s adamant that he won’t miss the entire…

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Report: NFLPA Challenges Bounty Suspensions, Stating Ruling Lies With System Arbitrator, Not Commissioner


A report from Pro Players Insider says the NFLPA has filed a grievance with the NFL vice president of labor arbitration and litigation, Buckly Briggs, and System Arbitrator, Professor Stephen Burbank of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, stating the suspensions doled out to current Saints players Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith, and former Saints players Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove, "violated the [league's] duty of fairness to the players 'because the process violated various procedural requirements of the Collective Bargaining Agreement,' including limits on Goodell's authority over the matter and failure to disclosure sufficient evidence of the violations."

All four players were suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week for their part in a pay-for-performance system, specifically, payment for hits that would cause injuries on opposing players.

According to Pro Players Insider, the grievance states Goodell is The NFLPA's grievance filing states that Goodell is "prohibited from punishing NFL players for any aspect of the ‘pay-for-performance/bounty' conduct occurring before August 4, 2011," which was when the new Collective Bargaining Agreement went into effect.

The web site has documents supporting the union's claim, as they reported it.

It's an interesting motion, bringing light to the union's claims Goodell's lack of disclosure of evidence that led to the suspensions. The league has not confirmed the grievance, but all four players have said they plan to appeal the suspensions.

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Tomlin not ruling out Woodley, Foster for Thursday

A short week hasn’t stopped coach Mike Tomlin from ruling out outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley or right guard Ramon Foster for Thursday night when the Steelers host the Browns.

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