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Steelers top ESPN Power Rankings

For the past 2 weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have topped the ESPN power rankings thru Week 8.  The only NFC team in the top 5 is the Atlanta Falcons.  The only other NFC teams in the top 10 are the New York Giants at #9 and the Green Bay Packers at #10.  Here are the top 5 teams represented in the Week 8 ESPN Power Rankings:

1 (1)    Steelers 5-1    It turns out the Steelers are both lucky and good. (Walker)

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2 (2)    Jets    5-1    Jets are rested coming off their bye week. They seem like the No. 1 team in football. (Clayton)

3 (3)    Patriots    5-1    The Patriots are quietly moving toward division title without Randy Moss, who visits Sunday. (Clayton)

4 (4)    Ravens    5-2    The Ravens narrowly avoided embarrassment by beating the Bills at home in OT. (Walker)

5 (7)    Falcons    5-2    Roddy White nearly made MVP Watch list a week ago; no doubt now. (Sando)

Steelers Top AFC in ESPN Power Rankings

The ESPN has released its latest power rankings today after week 1 is officially completed.  The Steelers are ranked #2 overall trailing  what appears to be the favored Dallas Cowboys in the NFC.

The Steelers jumped four spots from #6 overall to #2 overall after showcasing a strong performance routing the Houston Texans 38-17.  Of course, the season ending injuries to both Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Shawn Merriman of the San Diego Chargers had something to do with that.

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Dallas Cowboys

1. Dallas Cowboys

This team owns Sept. and Oct. It made the Browns look awful. (MM)

Pittsburgh Steelers

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

New England has been a thorn in the side of the Steelers for quite some time. With Tom Brady out, the Steelers can start to dream big. (JW)

San Diego Chargers

3. San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are too good to keep squandering games in the first month. (BW)

New Orleans Saints

4. New Orleans Saints

Defensive overhaul is working wonders and Reggie Bush is off to a hot start. (PY)

New York Giants

5. New York Giants

Three teams in The Beast could be in the top five, but that would be blatant favoritism. (MM)

*Provided by ESPN.com

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