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Peyton Takes “Big Hit”

According to NFL.com and ESPN, Peyton Manning took a big hit and got “blasted” by Seattle Seahawks rookie defensive end, Bruce Irvin.

Talk about trying to make a story out of nothing.  It wasn’t even close to being a big hit.  Peyton got tackled and that about it.  It’s tiresome how ESPN attempts to create news out of nothing especially with names like “Peyton Manning” and “Tim Tebow”.

What do you think?  Watch the video below.  The hit is at approximately the 1:45 mark.

Peyton Manning highlights vs. Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Irvin Hit

Steelers Disagree with Seymour Fine

Several of the Pittsburgh Steelers had some words to say about the $25,000 fine for the punch that connected flush with Roethlisberger’s jaw.  Hines Ward and Randle El told reports that players would be fined more and possible suspended if such a hit occurred on Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. It’s true that the National Football League protects the 2 golden buys and the punishment for Richard Seymour would have been much steeper.

Steelers receiver Antwaan Randle El told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Seymour’s punishment would have been stiffer if he had hitTom Brady or Peyton Manning.

“It would have been a little more,” Randle El told the Post-Gazette. “Or if one of our guys did it, there would have been more.”

Fellow wideout Hines Ward went further. The Post-Gazette reported Thursday that Ward said on his local radio show Tuesday that Seymour would have been suspended if he had struck either Brady or Manning.

Ward would not comment on his radio show comments when asked by the Post-Gazette but told the paper that the NFL isn’t “being consistent with all the fines and the calls.”

Roethlisberger, asked if the ruling would have been different if his name were different, was frank in his response.

“We all know the answer to that one. Easy,” Roethlisberger told the Post-Gazette.

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