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Colbert Admits Offense Will Have Early Growing Pains

Not liking the sounds of what GM Kevin Colbert said to the Trib-Review, but sounds like the offense is going to have some growing pains, at least early on in 2012.

There’s a new offense in town, and training camp may or may not be enough to get it humming. The Tribune-Review caught up with general manager Kevin Colbert at the end of offseason practices, and he weighed in on the new offense and the situation at left tackle. … [Q:] From what you observed during offseason practices, did players make good progress as far as picking up the new offense? Kevin Colbert: I’m not listening to what’s being said intimately after a play. There’s not a lot of physical errors I guess is the best way to say it: new offense, people learning about the offense and coaches learning about people, I think there will be some mistakes. I think that’s just part of the growing process.”

Source: Steelers Gab

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