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State Of The Steelers Linebackers – Could Worilds Really Be Slated To Move Inside?

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jason Worilds is about to enter his third season since being drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft. Several in Steeler Nation are still struggling to understand why inside linebackers Sean Lee or Navarro Bowman weren’t the pick instead of Worilds. Linebackers coach Keith Butler was asked that very question during his press conference following the selection of Worilds and said, “We like those guys. We like Bowman, I especially like Sean Lee. But those guys are inside linebackers right now. And we have a pretty good quartet of guys at inside linebacker. Read more […]

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Steelers Bound to Make a Move

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It won’t come anytime soon and they will likely wait until after the NFL Draft to do it, but sooner or later the Steelers are bound to make a move. With little cap space to work with and depth needed at multiple positions it seems as though Pittsburgh will be taking the “if not here, the Continue

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Ziggy Hood Move To Nose Tackle Talk Back In High Gear, But It Really Shouldn’t Be

The annual Willie Colon move to guard talk is back in high swing and so you knew the annual Ziggy Hood move to nose tackle would not be far behind it. It is more talked about this offseason it seems being as Casey Hampton has a strong possibility of starting the year on the PUP list as he recovers from his knee surgery.

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin was asked on Tuesday about the possibility of Hood playing nose tackle and he replied, “Hood is potentially part of that. He is a very talented and strong guy, but I think Steve McLendon proved that he is a capable backup a year ago, Read more […]

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Steelers move to address leadership void after losing Farrior, Ward

Leadership was taken into account before the Steelers cut captains James Farrior and Hines Ward, as well as Aaron Smith.

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NT Casey Hampton Restructures Contract, Steelers Insured Against Move for Wallace


Mark March 15 as Steelers S-C Day – victory over the Salary Cap has been achieved.

After contract restructures by CB Ike Taylor, LBs Lawrence Timmons and LaMarr Woodley. OT Willie Colon and QB Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers found themselves right around the point where they could tender offers to all of their restricted free agents, and sign their impending draft picks.

NT Casey Hampton’s $ 5.9 million contract wasn’t restructured, and the thought was they were saving Snack’s contract as the ace up their sleeve.

If that was the case, they played that ace Thursday, getting the 11-year veteran to trim his base salary from $ 4.89 million to $ 2.8 million, and eliminate a workout bonus, which was set at $ 1 million. A total of $ 3.09 million was trimmed from the salary cap, per BTSC friend Brian McIntyre.

This really should be the last salary cap-inspired move the Steelers make this offseason, and it could put them in a position to sign WR Mike Wallace to the long-term deal GM Kevin Colbert said was his priority this offseason. With the Steelers probably a bit north of $ 5 million under the cap, they could also retain the services of WR Jerricho Cotchery, who is currently a free agent.

The end result, essentially, is the Steelers paying a bit more in salary this year than in normal years, so BTSC is asking all Steelers fans to buy at least one more Steelers-licensed product as a way to say thanks to ownership for not completely gutting the team, the way some owners have done in the past.

(seems like a good spot to segue into a reminder about The Jersey Rules, which will be coming out in late July. The league switched its jersey manufacturer from Reebok to Nike, and the Committee is already leaning toward the purchase of at least one jersey of the new makers.)

Every cloud has a black and gold lining, though. The way I see it, without the need to track this information down seemingly on an hour-to-hour basis, the BTSC community never would have met McIntyre.

It’s about the small things, ladies and gentlemen.

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Options If The Steelers Are Forced To Move On From Mike Wallace

By Cian Fahey
It is unlikely that Mike Wallace leaves the Pittsburgh Steelers when free agency begins next week but the chance remains as Wallace is a restricted free agent (breaking news I know). In my mind, there are two teams who could likely make a run at Wallace.

Those teams are the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers.

If the Patriots sign Wallace, the Steelers will get the 31st pick in the draft. If the 49ers sign Wallace, then the team will get the 30th overall selection. The Steelers would have the option of using that selection on a receiver but wouldn’t be forced to because Read more […]

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Steelers will move Marcus Gilbert to left tackle

The Steelers have a lot of questions on the offensive line. But they hope they already have their left tackle of the present and future on the roster. Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert told 93.7 the Fan in Pittsburgh that the team will move Marcus Gilbert from right tackle to left tackle next season. That’s not…

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Batch & Leftwich, or move in a new direction for the Steelers?

The Steelers are in an interesting situation this offseason with their Quarterbacks.  Certainly Ben Roethlisberger’s job is safe, but all 3 reserve Quarterbacks are free agents and while the team figures to bring back at least one of them, which do you choose? It’s been status quo for years now with Charlie Batch as the primary backup but perhaps it’s time to go in another direction; or is it?
Byron Leftwich: When the Steelers brought him back to Pittsburgh in 2010, the eventual plan was likely to have him continue as the primary backup to Big Ben when Charlie Batch retired. Things haven’t quite worked out for Leftwich though as a knee injury in 2010 and a broken arm in preseason 2011 ended his year on the active roster.
When he’s able to be on the field Byron is a solid backup but how much can the team count on him to stay healthy enough to backup Ben should the need arise?
Charlie Batch: Always a fan favorite, the western PA native just performs when called upon….

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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Confirms Marcus Gilbert Will Likely Move To Left Tackle

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Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert said back in mid January that he was told during his exit interviews with the coaches that he should prepare to move from right to left tackle next season and GM Kevin Colbert confirmed that move as a strong possibility this afternoon during his interview on 93.7 The Fan. When asked about the likelihood of Gilbert moving over to the left, Colbert replied, “Yeah, I think going into it right now and knowing that Max Starks is an unrestricted free agent, and Max did a great job for us coming back last year, but Max is also rehabbing an ACL. Only time will Read more […]

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I Promise to Move Forward After Getting This Out of My System

There are times in our lives when we all want to be wrong. For me, this is one of them. I want the new offensive coordinator to come in and make things better. I want him to stay for three years until he is so good he gets a head job somewhere. I want to win more Super Bowls. But I also believe, looking back, that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians took way too much of a beating in Steeler Nation. I believe the worst curse to be inflicted upon an OC is to have outstanding skill people, shiny toys to play with, but playing behind an awful offensive line. It’s like a ’65 Mustang sitting in your driveway with a beat up engine. It looks good from a distance, but get in and drive it and it putters down the road making noises and leaking fluids.

When I think about the offensive line of a football team, I am reminded of the joke about different body parts getting into an argument about which one is most important. The eyes claimed that without them, you couldn’t see to get around. The legs claimed that without them, you’d need a wheelchair to get around. The arms staked their claim, the ears, hands etc. Finally the rectum chimed in: “If I shut down, you all shut down.” The offensive line isn’t pretty. It doesn’t consist of those shiny toys that rack up statistics and make highlight films. It’s not on ESPN. It is not graceful or fluid to the average fan whose eyes look elsewhere on every play. But make no mistake, when it shuts down, everything shuts down.

The last two years have been absolute disaster for the Pittsburgh Steelers when it comes to the offensive line. Steeler Nation buys all of Mike Tomlin’s stock when he claims that “the standard is the standard.” It’s good stock to buy. It’s life in the NFL. To one extent or another, every NFL teams deals with adversity and injuries. Those (good teams) who deal the best usually end up the last man standing. But while slogans and mantras are good bars to set and live by, there is also another component of life in the NFL, and that is called reality. The reality in this case is that no team in the NFL, in my opinion, has had to deal with as much adversity, injury woes and calamity on the offensive line as the Steelers over the last two years. The standard can be the standard, but reality is reality and sometimes you reach a point when it crosses the line.

I won’t spend much time on 2010 (old news), other than point out that the Steelers lost both tackles early on and replaced them with a guy from the scrap heap and another from the geriatric home. They drafted a really good center, but one who was unavailable for the biggest game of the year. Add pedestrian guards to the mix and you have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Both Sports Illustrated and ESPN declared the 2010 Steelers line as one of the league’s worst. They ranked 32nd, in a 32-team league, in offensive hog index by Cold, Hard Football Facts. Same with the Prudential Protection Index and anyone else who paid attention to various aspects of offensive line play. They did lead the league in one thing – penalties.

Just when it didn’t seem possible for matters to get worse in 2011, they somehow did. The rent-a-tackle went back to the nursing home. Colon came back, only to go down in the first game, again lost for the season. They force-fed a rookie who showed promise, but really wasn’t ready and was inconsistent at best all season. The left tackle from the scrap heap went down and back came Starks after back surgery. Four different left guards started in the first five games, simply unheard of. Legursky gets replaced by Foster on the right side. Scrap-heap Scott goes over to right tackle when the rookie gets banged up or sleeps during meetings and gets benched. The only bright spot, Pouncey, goes down again and misses the two most important games down the stretch, San Francisco and Denver. When all the musical chairs finally came to an end, the Steelers used 10 different starting offensive lines in 17 games, again, simply unheard of.

I am not making excuses here. Excuses are like the rectum I referred to earlier, everyone’s got one. I am stating facts. If Bruce Arians was still around, I wouldn’t even be writing this. We lost, we lost. Life in the NFL is cruel. But ask anyone who knows anything about offensive line play and they will tell you that the two most important components are cohesion and consistency. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the antithesis of cohesion and consistency. I used to joke at banquets about my basketball skills saying “I lacked size, but made up for it by lacking speed also.” The Steelers offensive line lacked talent, but made up for it by also lacking cohesion and consistency.

To those who say that “the offensive line has not been that bad,” I beg to disagree. Watch a playoff-caliber team on a passing play and count…”one…two…three,…four” before the quarterback needs to unload or scramble. Then watch the Steelers…”one…two…maybe three and less maybe four.” That is night and day in the NFL. All it takes is one blown assignment, one missed block, one missed blitz pickup or stunt and a play that might have been a critical gain has turned into a critical failure. That has happened too many times in the last couple years. Same thing on running plays. I don’t care what play is called or what scheme is devised. if the offensive line doesn’t do its job, the play shuts down. Fortunately, Ben can shake off tacklers and improvise on the fly when he has two good feet, or we would really be in trouble.

Three things need to happen in 2012 with respect to the offensive line. One, a couple new parts must be brought in, hopefully earlier in the draft than later. Second, the parts that are incumbent must stay at least relatively healthy. I am not asking for perfect health – that is not normal in the NFL. I am asking for average health, something we haven’t seen in a while. Third, the parts need to play together, each improving a notch and achieving that cohesion and consistency that is so vital. If those things happen, the new OC will be given a much better engine than Bruce Arians has had the last two years. He might even get in the car and drive down the street with less noise and less fluid leaking. Let’s hope that happens, and let’s hope I am wrong about Bruce Arians.

One last thing, whether you agree or disagree, we should all thank the man for his contributions in helping the team to back-to-back 12-4 seasons, winning campaigns in all five of his seasons and two trips to the Super Bowl with one ending with a Lombardi Trophy.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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