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Pittsburgh Steelers Right To Release Starting Left Guard Willie Colon

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Steelers intend to completely revamp their offensive line entering next season. Starters Max Starks and Ramon Foster enter free agency, and are not expected to be re-signed. Oft-injured starting left guard Willie Colon is expected to be released, after just two years of a five year contract w…

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Steelers Expected to Keep Ramon Foster over Willie Colon for Left Guard Position

When the Steelers were put on the clock during the 2012 NFL Draft they were ecstatic to see that the top guard in the draft, David DeCastro of Stanford, was still on the board. They wasted no time making DeCastro their selection and added him to a young core of players on their improving offensive line. DeCastro, a right guard in college, is expect…

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Have Tough/Big Decision to Make at Left Tackle for 2013

When the Steelers selected Mike Adams in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft there were rumblings that he could start at left tackle as a rookie. However, during training camp the Steelers brought back Max Starks which told everyone that Adams would not be starting as a rookie. Starks played very well for the Steelers all season long and was one…

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Mike Adams injury: Steelers tackle leaves game after hurting left ankle

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Steelers left guard Willie Colon deserves the Week 7 game ball

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Max Starks feels blessed to be the Steelers’ starting left tackle again

When Max Starks became a free agent in March and the Steelers’ didn’t re-sign him, he didn’t think he’d be back as their starting left tackle. And when the Steelers drafted Mike Adams in April and declared Adams their starting left tackle of the future, Starks really didn’t think he’d be back as Pittsburgh’…

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All Eyes Will Be Left & On Willie Colon This Weekend

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Our first look at Willie Colon at left guard was delayed last week because of an ankle injury, but this Sunday night when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Indianapolis Colts in the second preseason game, Colon will finally start at his new position.

The Colon move from right tackle was made immediately following the draft so the Steelers former…

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Steelers News Bulletin: WR Antonio Brown Left Off Football Outsiders’ Top 25 Prospects List

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Pittsburgh Steelers Minicamp: Trai Essex Starts at Right Tackle, Marcus Gilbert at Left Tackle


One day down, one offensive line permutation in place.

Affixed with a heavily emphasized “subject to change” tag, veteran Trai Essex opened the Steelers‘ minicamp at right tackle, with Marcus Gilbert opening at left tackle. It’s highly likely at some point over the next two days rookie Mike Adams will get reps with the first time at either or both tackle positions.

But for now, he’ll fight his way up to that position.

Post-Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac quoted Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin as saying, “We’re going to do things to put them in situations to see how they respond. I wouldn’t read into it, particularly football in shorts. We’re going to put them in situations against good people just for exposure and learn more about them. That’s down the line when you start reading into what group they’re taking snaps with. That’s going to be more of a Latrobe type of thing.”

Maurkice Pouncey (center), Willie Colon (left guard) and Ramon Foster (right guard) rounded out the Football-in-Shorts First-Team offensive line, meaning rookie David DeCastro joined Adams in watching the first team work.

It’s a certainty DeCastro will assume the right guard position at some point very soon, and will likely remain there through Week 1 and probably for the next 12 years.

That shouldn’t downplay the roles of Essex or Foster this year. The fact they are in those first team positions (whether or not fully clothed) shows they opened a step ahead of OT Jonathan Scott and OG Doug Legursky, respectfully.

If the Steelers had the depth it now has at offensive line, they may have been able to win a few more games the last few seasons.

Considering they’ve been to the playoffs in three of the last four seasons, and have won two AFC championships and a Super Bowl, it’s a pretty good thing.

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Gilbert excited about potential move to left

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Fri, 25 May 2012 17:23:22

The Steelers’ plan is to have rookie second-round pick Mike Adams take over…

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