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Steelers rookie Jarvis Jones can learn plenty from veteran Lawrence Timmons

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Steelers look to Lawrence Timmons to step into larger role

There’s been a lot of discussion this offseason about the need for young players and reserves to carve out big roles on a Steelers defense that’s lost veteran leaders like linebacker James Harrison and defensive tackle Casey Hampton. Such needs go beyond those groups of players, however. There’s also a need for some of the…<... Source: ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Was Steelers LB Lawrence Timmons The Biggest Top 100 Players Snub This Year?

It wasn’t until I went back over the NFL Network Top 100 Players of 2013 list today that I noticed that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons didn’t make it. If you want to talk about a total snubbing, this is certainly a great example of one.

According to Pro Football Focus, Timmons ranked fifth on their 2012 rankings of all inside line…

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Steelers linebackers will go as far as Lawrence Timmons can take them

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Lawrence Timmons’ contract likely to be restructured as well

Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the only Steeler who appears to be headed for a restructured contract. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the team is also working on linebacker Lawrence Timmons‘ deal and that they may reach an agreement on the restructure by the end of the week. Timmons has four years left on…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Lawrence Timmons Interview – 1/2

Exit interview with Lawrence Timmons about the Pittsburgh Steelers finishing first in total defense, possibly losing Larry Foote in free agency and his plans for the off-season….

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Steelers Pregame Focus: Linebackers Derrick Johnson, Lawrence Timmons key to success for both teams

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Behind The Steel GIFs: Lawrence Timmons explosiveness teams with James Harrison’s strength

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Steelers’ 2011 Big Money Guys: LB Lawrence Timmons Asked To Do a Lot

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The Pittsburgh Steelers announced a contract extension was signed by LB Lawrence Timmons on Aug. 23, 2011, a deal over five years reportedly paying him $ 50 million.

No one probably saw this as a premonition, but former Steelers LB James Farrior said, at the time, “They paid him a boatload of money. He’s definitely going to be asked to do a lot of things he wouldn’t normally be asked.”

Like playing outside linebacker, for example. That happened four times in 2012 – Weeks 4-8.

The results weren’t exactly worthy of a contract of that size.

Clearly, Timmons is not a suitable option outside for the Steelers in their current defense. Giving up quite a bit in terms of size compared with regular starters, James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, Timmons disappeared often off the edge, and while the Steelers won all four of those games, their pass rush was virtually non-existent on his side of the ball (he played on Harrison’s right side in his absence due to a broken orbital bone in his eye).

When playing inside, Timmons showed his value throughout most of the season. He played the second-most snaps 1,050 to CB Ike Taylor’s 1,065) of all Steelers defenders last year, and led the linebackers by almost 300 (Farrior played 779).

It may not have been Timmons’ best overall year, but his consistency, as well as the fact he turned 26 in May and already has six seasons under his belt, has to leave the Steelers excited about the kid who’s now an experienced veteran.

If anything, they’d have to be excited about this. In a Pittsburgh Magazine article dated October, 2011, a phenomenal story about Timmons’ high school days paints the portrait of a fierce competitor. One who could have been called a Steelers kind of player even when he was 18.

Timmons was supposed to block a puny cornerback, bow his head and accept defeat. Instead, he turned his sights to the opposition’s star linebacker, churned his legs like a runaway locomotive and single-handedly crashed the victory party.

“I cleaned the guy’s clock,” Timmons deadpans.

“It was one of the hardest hits I’ve ever witnessed,” says Wilson High coach Darryl Page. “Lawrence knocked the guy’s cleats over his helmet.”

The air went out of the stadium. The woozy linebacker uprooted himself from the sod and stood up, flailing like a dancing balloon on a used car lot. One step, two step … drop. He made a snow angel in the mud as time expired.

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Will the Real Lawrence Timmons Please Stand Up?

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Nothing is worse in Dynasty leagues than having a player who was a bona fide stud one year fall on his face the next. You get your hopes up and consider him a core player, a sure fire every week starter, then without warning or explanation he hits a slump so nasty that you want to drive to their city and beat them with a dead car battery. Having said that…
Will the real Lawrence Timmons please stand up?
In 2010, Timmons finished the year ranked as the LB7 in IDP leagues. He was machine of destruction. Through the first seven games he had racked up 56 solo tackles, 18 assists and three sacks. Nobody started off hotter! Then, something happened. Through the next six games he totaled just 20 solos, 17 assists, and zero sacks. He wasn’t hurt, there was no position change, and it wasn’t bad match-ups. It was like there was an imposter in his uniform. Timmons finished the year strong with 20 solos, seven assists, and a sack the final three weeks so everything was forgiven.
Fast forward to…

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