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Series 1: Signing Lawrence Timmons Long Term

Now that LaMarr Woodley signed his extension worth 61.5 million dollars over 5 years (and 18 million of that over the next 2 years), who do the Steelers target next among their big name players?

Let’s break it down. The Steelers have 2 young stars that will be unrestricted free agents at the end of this year. The first one we’ll cover is Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker (ILB) Lawrence Timmons. Even though Timmons’ has yet to make a pro bowl, he was probably the second best ILB in the league last year behind only Patrick Willis from the San Francisco 49ers. Timmons skill set is unique for someone his size. He is a tackling machine and can cover any tight end (TE) in the league. His coverage skills are what makes him so valuable to the Steelers. Timmons could likely have increased sack numbers if he wasn’t asked to drop back into coverage on many 3rd down plays. Timmons can play the hybrid role like Troy Polamalu and needs to be the staple of this defense for many years to come. My best guess would indicate that he’ll demand contract numbers similar to LaMarr Woddley. Timmons’ agent is Drew Rosenhaus.

Let’s take a look at Lawrence Timmons’ stats for the 2010-2011 season:

Games Played: 16
Tackles: 135
Sacks: 3
Interceptions: 3
Forced Fumbles: 2
Passed Defensed: 9

Steelers / Titans Game Balls

Let’s begin by rewarding the entire defense the game ball for the performance that resulted in 7 Tennessee Titan turnovers.

Players of note include:

Lawrence Timmons – Back to back games with 15  tackles.  Timmons also compiled 12 solo tackles including 3 tackles for loss and 1 forced fumble.  This is the second week in a row that Timmons has compiled double digit tackles.

Troy Polamalu – The ultimate Dick Lebeau chess piece.  Polamalu had 6 tackles and was key in containing the Titans running and passing offense.  Polamalu compiled 6 total tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 1 interception.  Polamalu showcased his instincts and athleticism by leaping over the Titan’s offensive line for a 2-yard Kerry Collins’ sack.

LaMarr Woodley – Woodley again showcased why he is one of the leagues best outside linebacker by compiling 4 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception.

James Harrison – Harrison is simply a beast and showed why he was the leagues defensive MVP just 2 years ago.  Harrison’s hits were fierce on several occasions.  Harrison is on pace for his 3rd straight pro bowl by compiling 11 tackles, 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

Steelers vs Ravens: 4th quarter rewind

  • c has really struggled so far in the 4th quarter
  • The Steelers punt coverage unit almost gave up a touchdown.  According to the reply, it looks like several blocks in the back occurred.
  • Lawrence Timmons blitzed up the middle and caused a Flacco fumble
  • Steelers have very good field position
  • Rashard Mendenhall has run very, very hard in this game.  He has shown a great burst of speed, power, and a nice spin move.  Very impressive considering the Ravens run defense.
  • With 7 minutes left, Dennis Dixon scores a touchdown on a QB draw.  Dennis Dixon was in the shotgun formation and make a reverse to Mike Wallace.  Dixon ran the ball to the right side and received a very nice block from Mewelde Moore that led him to the end zone.  Very nice call by Bruce Arians.
  • Ray Rice called for tripping on 2nd down.  The Steelers accepted and made it 2nd and 19.  The Steelers then held on 3rd down by stopping Ray Rice on a screen pass.
  • Ravens just converted a huge 4th down by Ray Rice.  For some reason James Farrior was 1:1 with Ray Rice and it was a complete mismatch.  Ray Rice caught the pass and ran it 60 yards to the Steelers 10 yard line.  Several Steelers missed tackles.  Lawrence Timmons tackled one of his own players who was in great position to make a tackle.
  • The Steelers hold on 3rd and goal.  The Ravens kick a field goal and tie the score 17-17 with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter.
  • Dennis Dixon almost threw an interception on 2nd down.  Consequently, the Steelers run the ball on 3rd down.  A 3 and out for the Steelers
  • Steelers punt the ball and the Ravens almost return it for ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN.  Will MIKE TOMLIN OR THE ST COACH EVER FIX THE SPECIAL TEAMS.  This is getting a bit ridiculous.
  • A 24-yard pass interference call on Ike Taylor with 1 minute remaining in the game.
  • The Steelers caused a last second fumble. The Ravens field goal unit and rushed a last second field goal which comes up about 2 yards short.

Score: 17-17

Steelers vs Ravens: 1st quarter rewind

  • William Gay got torched several times on the Ravens’ first drive
  • Willis McGahee scored the opening touchdown for the Ravens
  • Bruce Arians is being overly conservative with Dennis Dixon
  • Timmons caught out of position on a long Ray Rice run
  • Ziggy Hood getting a good pass rush
  • Steelers having success running the ball with Rashard Mendenhall

Score: Ravens 7 Steelers 0W

Timmons Injured (again)

Keyaron Fox

Keyaron Fox

Last week, Lawrence Timmons suffered his second ankle injury of the year against the Minnesota Vikings.  It is thought that a Steelers defensive lineman rolled up on the back of Timmons’ ankle in an attempt to tackle Adrian Peterson.  Earlier this year, Timmons suffered a nagging high ankle sprain that sidelined him for a couple weeks in which Keyaron Fox replaced him sufficiently.  However, this injury is the opposite ankle of the one he injured earlier this year.

According to Timmons’, the bye week will allow his ankle to heal and he’s expected to play against the currently undefeated Denver Broncos.  However, if Timmons’ can’t play expect Fox to start as his replacement.

Bye Week Boredom

As a die-hard Steelers fan, I must say that bye week is one of the worst weeks of the National Football League (NFL) season.  You get to watch all other games, except your favorite team.   However, for the Steelers this week is much needed before a showdown against the now undefeated Denver Broncos.

Here’s a list of action items that the Steelers should focus on during the bye week:

  • Can the Steelers struggling pass defense stop Brandon Marshall and Kyle Orton?
  • What should the Steelers do about Jeff Reed (i.e. and his fight with a fan at Heinz Field)
  • What are the Steelers alternative approach without Casey Hampton next year (i.e. Hampton mostly likely won’t be signed to an extension)
  • Should Ryan Clark play against the Broncos with his medical condition? Should he even travel with the team?
  • Is Lawrence Timmons injury prone (i.e. the next Kendrell Bell)? He needs this buy week to heal his sprained ankle that he suffered against the Minnesota Vikings. Timmons’ injury is to his opposite ankle that he already injured (high ankle sprain) earlier in the season
  • Should Limas Sweed see more playing time compared to Shaun McDonald?
  • Should Mendenhall see more carries than approx. 15/game?

Fantasy Focus: Steelers vs Chargers

This week kicks off another entry of our fantasy football prediction blog.  The Pittsburgh Steelers play at home for the first time since the NFL opener against the Tennessee Titans.  This is a must-win for the Steelers in order to keep up with the division leaders, Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens are currently up 2 games on a struggling Steelers team and the Steelers are looking to rebound against a very talented San Diego team after losing two close games in which they should have won convincingly.  Here is a list of fantasy football matchups that you may want to consider:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben is going to have to come through against San Diego’s solid defensive front.  Even with the loss of Jamal Williams, the Chargers defense is loaded with playmakers.  However, Ben plays his best against good competition in prime time moments.  I expect more of the same from Big Ben.  Ben will put up 30 points on this

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Chargers defense, at home, in primetime and display to the NFL why he is an elite quarterback in this league

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Mike Wallace – Wallace has been the only pleasant surprise for the Steelers this year.  He caught the most passes of any Steelers receiver last week totaling over 100 yards.  Wallace is a mismatch waiting to happen at the #3 spot.  He’s got amazing speed and quickness and hasn’t dropped a pass this season.  During the NFL draft, Wallace’s stock fell because scouts said his hands were suspect at best.  I don’t see that with this young kid, however I can’t say the same for Limas Sweed.

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Heath Miller – Miller is “Mr. Dependable”.  He always seems to do his job and do it well.  He has great hands and is a good blocker.  He “seals the edge” when lined up as a tight end and does surprisingly well when lined up as a fullback.  Last week, he was dominant on the first couple of drives as a receiving tight end.  But for some reason, offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians stopped designing plays to go to Miller.

Arians has been heavily criticized by Steelers fans and rightfully so.  Why would he not get Miller more involved in

Heath Miller

Heath Miller

this offense?

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Rashard Mendenahll – This is a “dark horse” pick.  Per Mike Tomlin, Mendnenall didn’t play one snap last week because he didn’t feel comfortable that Mendenhall knew his assignments (i.e. he failed the weekly written game plan test).  We need Mendenhall to step up now and I think he’ll show-off some of his talent this week (IF HE ACTUALLY RECEIVES PLAYING TIME).

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San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers – Rivers was expected to be an MVP candidate this year.  He has loads of talent and is surrounded by talent. This could be a shootout-type game resulting in a classic Rivers vs Big Ben show down.  I expect both quarterbacks to put up good numbers this game.  With the Steelers pash rush less than desirable, Rivers could be in for a big game.

Antonio Gates –  Gates is in for a big game against this struggling defense.  With Polamalu out with an injury, the Steelers don’t have a good solution for the All-Pro tight end.  Lawrence Timmons has the speed and athleticism to cover Gates but it will be a challenge as is for any linebacker in the NFL.

Darren Sproles – Sproles is the type of running back the Steelers always have trouble with.  He has great cutback ability (i.e. Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew) and has acceleration through the hole.  He’s also difficult to find behind a massive San Diego offensive line at 5-8 185 pounds.  Sproles might be most dangerous as a kick-off returner.  The Steelers special teams and defense must stay in their lanes and play disciplined football or Sproles could take one to the house on any given play.

Discuss at the Planet Steelers Forum

Move over Timmons, make room for Fox

Well, not permanently.

Lawrence Timmons

Lawrence Timmons

Lawrence Timmons needs to sit out this week’s game against the Chicago Bears and make room for Keyaron Fox. Timmons suffered a high ankle sprain in the 1st quarter of opening week against the Tennessee Titans. Although Timmons practiced this week, he tweaked his ankle again during the Wednesday practice. High ankle sprains are known to linger through the season if not rested properly. With the “tweak”, Timmons’ suffered during practice this week; it would be recommended to rest the ankle and let it heal properly before the injury gets worse or doesn’t heal completely.

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With Timmons out with an injury, expect Keyaron Fox to start and fill in admirably. Fox, a special team’s standout is the top backup at both inside linebacker positions. Fox has been known for his devastating hits on special teams and his very strong run defense at the ILB position. While both are solid players, Fox thrives on run defense while Timmons excels in pass defense. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Keyaron Fox play 1st and 2nd downs and have Lawrence Timmons replace him on obvious passing situations much like last year with Larry Foote. Fox is still unproven in pass

Keyaron Fox

Keyaron Fox

defense much like Timmons is unproven in run defense which is why I would leverage both players in this week’s game if Timmons is “ready to play”.

Chicago Bears’ Matt Forte is one of the top running backs in the league and will be a great test for the Steelers early in the season. Similarly, Bears’ athletic tight end, Greg Olsen will test the Steelers in the middle of the field which will prove to be a great test for Timmons or Fox.

If Lawrence Timmons does play, let’s hope he doesn’t aggravate a very nagging high ankle sprain injury. In the meantime, I think we can live without Timmons while he gets healthy, Keyaron Fox has been a pleasant surprise.


Steel Curtain Radio hosts another radio talk show featuring the following topics:

Show Topics:

1. Roster Analysis
2. The Sonny Harris Mistake
3. Will Timmons be Back for the Opener?
4. Steelers vs Titans Analysis
5. Pick the 53 Contest Results
6. Why I think the Steelers will Win?

List to the radio show here

Redskins top Steelers in second preseason game

The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped their first preseason game 13-17 of the year last night to the Washington Redskins. The game gave us a good opportunity to see the first team for the first couple of series. However more importantly it gave the youngsters an opportunity to showcase their skills in hopes of making the 53 man roster.keyaron-fox

On a side note, starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger did not play due to an injury to his achillies heel from starting left tackle, Max Starks (6-8, 340 pounds) stepping on it. Initial tests confirmed that the injury does not appear to be serious. I really worry about the health of Big Ben this year. He may get sacked 50+ times this year if Max Starks & Co. continue to perform at this level. This offensive line looks to be just as bad as last year if not worse. They’re pass protection was subpar and they have not gotten any push in the run game.

The preseason record does not really matter. It’s the analysis of the players, and the “sharpness” of the game. It was good to see of the rookies such as Ziggy Hood do well. As a team though, the Steelers looked flat. They didn’t seem to have a sense of urgency outside of a few players, and they certainly weren’t “sharp” (13 penalties). Below are some quick notes from what I’ve observed from the game:

Lawrence Timmons – Excels in “search and destroy” mode but I still don’t think he’s strong in the run game. Once these guards get their hands on him, he really struggles to fight through blocks. Everytime the Redskins ran to his side, they gained positive yardage, somtimes in huge chunks too. I do not think I have ever seen Timmons read a run play, fight through a block inside, and stop a running back at or behind the line of scrimmage. It’s obvious to me that 3-4 ILB is not his ideal position during run plays at this point in his career. To be honest, if this becomes a consistent problem, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Keyaron Fox on 1st down.

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Limas Sweed – Similar to last game, Sweed dropped a very easy first down catch. However, he made a very nice sliding catch for 17 yards.

Mike Wallace – The “speedster” continues to impress. He has good hands and isn’t afraid to go across the middle.

Rashard Mendenhall – Did not play with the first team offense at all. When given the opportunity, he did well averaging 5.2 yards a carry (5 carries for 26 yards). He looks a little hesitant out there though.

Offensive Line – In defense of the OL, they were down 2 starters if you consider Darnell Stapleton a starter. Overall, they played poorly. On the first play of the game, Max Starks almost got Charlie Batch killed. The DE ran right around Starks like he wasn’t even there. I swear, a lawn chair would have done a better job blocking than Starks did on that particular play. They hardly gave Batch any time to throw and Batch being very immobile doesn’t help matters. Wow, we are very lucky to have Big Ben as our quarterback especially behind this OL. The OL also got very little push in the run game.

Daniel Sepulveda – It’s great to have a solid punter again. He is really going to help out our defense (not like they need much help). Sepulveda had 5 punts averagine 47.8 yards.

Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes – Both had 2 very nice catches for 1st downs. Hines’ was spectacular in a leaping grab on a post pattern with LaRon Landry on the coverage.

Dennis Dixon – 8/16 for 68 yards. He also had a few nice runs. He definitely has his hot and cold streaks. At this moment, I would not feel comfortable with him as our #2 QB.

Joe Burnett – Allowed the ball to be stripped on a punt return. He may have a hard time making the 53 man roster if he doesn’t progress with special teams. He needs to protect the ball better.

Ziggy Hood – Another strong performance for the first rounder with 4 tackles and 2 sacks. I see him getting immediately involved in the rotation to keep our starters fresh. On a side note, he is very quick for a big man.

Ra’Shon Harris – Another rookie with a strong performance. Seems to hold his ground well and gets a little push into the backfield. If Harris can make the 53 man roster, this would be a great injection of youth to the Steelers defensive line. Could he possibly progress to our future NT?

Troy Polamalu – In typical Troy fashion, he looks like he’s in mid season form

William Gay – Looks solid both in coverage and run support. I don’t think we’ll miss McFadden much as a starter. I just hope one of the young guys such as Burnett or Wallace step up to provide added depth to our secondary.

Keyaron Fox – Overall, solid ILB. Last night, he was particularly strong in run defense and led the team with 5 tackles. Very good to have a quality backup at ILB.

Other Backup LB’sArnold Harrison and Donovan Woods looked solid. Some of our backups could probably start on other teams which is a good problem to have. I’m also seeing Bruce Davis progress as well.

Stefan Logan – Did very well in both kick and punt returns. Averaged 40 yards a kick return (60 yarder in the 3rd quarter).

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