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Pittsburgh Steelers Secondary No Longer Laughing Stock

NFL teams fear the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.

And they have for a number of years. From the Steel Curtain in the 70s to the James Harrison and Troy Polamalu era of today, the vaunted Steelers’ defense has been as close to as impenetrable as they come.

But years ago, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots found a way to score on Pittsburgh. And teams took notice. It was a simple formula: Don’t run the ball, pass the ball.

The Patriots laid the blueprint to beat the Steelers. Other teams quickly followed. And before the Steelers knew it, they were having to try to win high-scoring games.

Pittsburgh was dealing with weak and young cornerbacks. The days of Rod Woodson and Carnell Lake were long gone. All-Pro receivers looked like they were playing against high schoolers when they went up against the Steelers’ secondary. Quarterbacks had field days.

Steeler fans groaned and begged for a high draft pick to help the secondary. And while the arrival of Troy Polamalu signa…

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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