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Agent: Mutual Interest Between Breaston, Steelers

(Photo Credit: Peter Aiken/Getty Images)Former Woodland Hills High School and University of Michigan standout Steve Breaston could end up in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.CBS Pittsburgh » Steelers

Pro Bowl Open Thread: Delayed due to weather, lack of interest right on time

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Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette Talks Todd Haley’s Interest In Cardinals Job

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(Photo Credit: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette joined Starkey and Miller on Sports Radio 93-7 The FAN after his conversation with Steelers President Art Rooney II.
CBS Pittsburgh » Steelers

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Haslam could simultaneously have ownership interest in Browns, Steelers

When the owners convene in Chicago on Monday, the top item on the agenda will relate to the proposed purchase of the Browns by Jimmy Haslam. But Haslam already has, as we’ve previously been told, a double-digit piece of the Steelers.  And while it’s believed that a large amount of that equity will be sold…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Wallace Drawing Trade Interest From Other Teams

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) — Mike Wallace didn’t initially draw the interest in free agency he had hoped, but he might now be getting closer to playing football for another team.

Reports circulated Thursday that a “handful of teams” are interested in trading for Wallace’s rights.

When the Steelers placed a first-round tender on Wallace it required teams to hand a first round draft pick to Pittsburgh should Wallace sign elsewhere. As free agency went on it became clear teams weren’t interested in sacrificing so much and paying Wallace a hefty paycheck — he said he’s interested in a contract like Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who signed an eight-year, $ 120 million deal.

By acquiring Wallace via trade, teams could choose what they’re willing to fork over. Clearly, given the reports, a trade is a much more attractive option.

Wallace has made it pretty clear that he’s not interested in signing his tender, which will pay him $ 2.4 million in 2012. It appears he’ll hold out of OTAs.

The Steelers may be inclined to trade Wallace and get at least something in return. Wallace will be an unrestricted free agent after next season and would likely sign elsewhere.

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Lack of Interest in Wallace due to Pick not Money

There has been a lot of talk about Mike Wallace so far during this off-season, but there has been very little interest in the restricted free agent. According to Adam Schefter, who has been continually bombarded with Wallace questions by Steelers fans, there are no teams interested in Wallace and he Continue

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Interest in Mike Wallace appears to have dried up

A month ago, it looked like a good bet that the Steelers would lose restricted free agent receiver Mike Wallace. But with two weeks to go before the April 20 deadline for a team to sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, it’s appearing increasingly likely that Wallace will stay in Pittsburgh. Adam…

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Pros and cons of Steelers interest in Mike Tolbert

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The Steelers have interest in free agent running back Mike Tolbert but it’s unclear how much for certain at this point. Nothing is set in stone for sure but it’s a possibility nonetheless to explore amidst all the constant rehashing of old news that everyone seems enamored with these days. Talks broke down between Tolbert and the Chargers on Thursday night and he is now actively seeking employment elsewhere. According to Will DePaoli on twitter earlier this week: NFL source says #Chargers RB Mike Tolbert “would love to be a Steeler” and “he is everything Steelers are about”
Rumors have it that he may be scheduled to visit with the Steelers soon and assuming the team likes what they see it will come down to how much they can afford to pay him.  Even with the pay cut/restructure that Casey Hampton worked out with the team they still have other priorities to consider such as trying to work out a long term deal with Mike Wallace. As of now they are about $ 4.5 – $ 5 millio…

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49ers GM Trent Baalke Admits A Player Like Mike Wallace Would Interest Them

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke joined Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio today at the 2012 NFL combine for an interview. Baalke was asked in an indirect way about Pittsburgh Steelers unrestricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace and his comments that he made on Wednesday about his willingness to play for another team.

Schein acknowledged in his questioning that he knew Baalke could not mention Wallace by name, but he asked him if that kind of wide receiver, who is a deep threat, would be the kind of wide receiver he would be looking for in the offseason. Read more […]

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Alleged Outside Interest for Steelers WR Mike Wallace Most Likely a Smoke Screen


Lets put our “Other Team” hats on for a moment.

Just a quick moment. I know they fit terribly. Been reports of awful odors, too.

The trendy argument today suggests dual reasons behind a team, particularly one from the AFC, giving Steelers WR Mike Wallace a front-loaded multi-year contract offer when restricted free agency opens (March 13). Many teams, good ones in particular, could sign the game’s best deep threat while only parting ways with a low-first round draft pick.

Their argument continues they could help cripple the Steelers at the same time. The logic makes sense, but the practicality is off quite a bit.

What’s more likely is other teams are simply floating rumors of their interest in Wallace to get the cap-strapped Steelers to slap the franchise tag on him, instead of simply giving him a high-level tender as a restricted free agent. Why bother overpaying for another team’s free agents when you can indirectly steer that team to do it themselves?

Every team would want a player of Wallace’s caliber on their roster, but only for the right price. From Wallace’s perspective, he gains negotiating leverage if he gets a franchise tag from Pittsburgh. If they’re willing to give him (estimated) $ 9.6 million this season under the tag, he’s going to want a large chunk of that very soon in a long-term extension. Other teams are likely to figure this out, and it won’t cost them a dime to simply tell a beat reporter they’re interested in Wallace, and let the Speculation Machine that runs NFL off-season news do its thing.

Let’s take some of the alleged front-runners who seem to be in a good position in terms of picks and cap room to sign Wallace in restricted free agency.

The Patriots would be offering Wallace a multi-year deal along with the guaranteed up-front money of the franchise tag, which they will likely be giving WR Wes Welker, a guy who’s been the heart-and-soul of their receiving corps since he arrived there in 2007.

If they’re willing to risk or destroy long-term negotiations with Welker for the sake of signing Wallace, we’d have to ask ourselves which team is it actually hurting. Considering the Patriots chose WR Brandon Tate (now with Cincinnati) one pick ahead of Wallace in the 2009 draft, logically, they would be thinking of simply looking into the draft to find the deep threat they allegedly covet.

Would anyone put underhanded and devious practices past the Patriots?

As for the Bengals, since when does the fact they’re $ 60 million under the cap affect their long-standing policy of not paying their players much? Their legendary tight-fistedness makes them spend to the floor, not the ceiling. Wallace’s value and impact on the game is unquestioned, but using both of their first-round picks to more evenly build talent on an up-and-coming team for less seems much closer in line to Cincinnati’s modus operendi than going out and trading picks for a player plus a huge contract.

Besides, they were a highly competitive 10-6 team with a rookie quarterback, and they aren’t going to lose anyone this offseason. Two first-round picks on players who will cost approximately 25 percent combined of what they’d have to pay Wallace is more their style.

The Ravens signed Anquan Boldin to a four-year, $ 28 million contract in 2010, and will earn $ 6 million in each of the next two seasons. Outside of their failed attempt to acquire Terrell Owens in 2004, have never made a play for a receiver at such a high price. In fact, the botched deal for T.O. was for a second round pick, and it’s extremely difficult to argue Owens in 2004 (77 catches, 1,200 yards, 15.8 ypc, 14 touchdowns) was a less productive player than Wallace in 2011.

The Patriots (27 and 31), Browns (4 and 22) and Bengals (17 and 21) are the three teams with two first-round picks. The Browns, like the Patriots, will have to franchise a player (LB D’Qwell Jackson), which will leave them with little cap space to make a play for Wallace. While they’d have perhaps an easier time of doing that than Pittsburgh will, it’s still not going to be easy. At least the Steelers can convince veterans to restructure contracts based on the idea of continuing to win by keeping their own. It’d be harder to do that for a mercenary, like Wallace.

Besides, it was WR Antonio Brown – and not Wallace – who shredded the Browns in two games last season.

All that being said though, it would still be reasonable to try to clear enough money to franchise Wallace, despite the fact that he is technically just a restricted free agent. The Steelers would then follow the usual course of action for franchise players and try to lower that cap hit by signing him to a long-term deal before the start of the regular season. All of the leverage would be on Wallace’s side, but it would be a sincere way to try to retain his services long-term and would be equitable for all parties involved (the team, Wallace, and the veterans that would need to restructure their own deals).

The truth, perhaps the unfortunate truth, is that the Steelers may be forced by the cap to call the bluff. If so, all of the talk – which is likely just a smokescreen right now – could end up having some real teeth.

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