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Steelers Six From Around The Web – June 30th – Hope & Pope Edition

Former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Chris Hope, who has played the last six seasons with the Tennessee Titans, signed with the Atlanta Falcons on Friday.

Tight end Leonard Pope is back home in Georgia and did a local radio interview in which he was asked about the offense and his role in it.

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is back home in Texas and was on a radio station in Austin to gives his thoughts on several things including the offense.

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The Season of Hope: April Brings With It Excitement for the Future

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If you are a generic baseball fan this is the best time of the year. While you are reading this the games have begun. And even a Pirates fan can dream that someway, somehow things will be different this year; a competitive year, even a playoff run. Those dreams may likely be dead by June, maybe as early as May and almost certainly by August. But in April there is hope. The Pens begin their playoff run soon. Could Sidney and the boys hoist another Stanley Cup in a couple of months?

In April you can hope.

At least with baseball, basketball and hockey you don’t have to wait too long in the suspended animation of hope; football is another matter.

This is the time of the year when a football fan is sustained by vapors, fumes. Hope is sustenance, the only available currency at a time when we are so far removed from the reality and rhythms of the game that we can barely recall what it is really like. The leaves are the fresh light green of renewal, not the blazing orange, yellows and red of decline. The airwaves are full of talk concerning the Masters, season openers, the Cup, the Frozen Four, the NBA playoffs, London and other spring rituals. These, along with the just completed March Madness provide a smorgasbord for the devotees of other sports. In the meantime we munch on stale crackers; celebrating the small, the fantasy, the insignificant as a substitute for the real.

As I write this the league and the Steelers have released their preseason schedules for the 2012. So, I am reduced to poring over a list of glorified scrimmages, most of which will be forgotten long before Columbus Day unless there is some disaster like a major injury. The preseason opener is Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. If you are forgetful enough you may find yourself fantasizing about Ben vs. Michael Vick before you are reminded that for a first preseason game it will be, at most, one or two series for the top tier guys before they yield to the wannabes.

Not that there isn’t a certain amount of intrigue in the wannabes. But in the end we’re just talking about a better quality of cracker. Then again there may be also some interest in watching the new Haley offense, but how much do you show to a team that you will be meeting in the regular season? Yet I am certain that I will be scouring the NFL Network schedule for a viewing time which is likely to be three in the morning in order to absorb every detail of this and the other two preseason games that are only televised locally in Pittsburgh. The one nationally televised game is against the Colts. Why? To hear them boo Bruce Arians at Heinz? Or, that will be the coming out event for Oliver Luck (or RG3?).

Yesterday it was the new uniforms by Nike. Would we be mistaking the Steelers for the Oregon Ducks? Thankfully, no. Now we can wait for the unveiling of the new throwbacks in celebration of the 80th Anniversary. Another cracker.

So how do we keep hope alive over the intervening days and weeks? Many will continue to immerse themselves in mock drafts. Who will be the next Maurkice, or Limas? Some ambitious types will speculate who we should pluck from the available pool of free agents. And you can always peruse the list of prospects invited to the Southside for interviews and then research them mercilessly.

In two weeks things open up a bit. Players are allowed to begin workout programs on the 16th. Four days later the free agent signing period ends and with it the Wallace Watch. A week later tea leaves give way to reality as they conduct the real draft. Right after that the signing of UDFAs.

In May the bird food diet of hope can give way to some major league dreaming. The roster of prospects will be largely set. Unless the team is really unlucky, the hope will not be dampened by injuries, subpar performances, and there are no games to lose or other disappointments. We can dine on the OTAs and try to read between the lines as Tomlin and other team representatives creatively say nothing. We will still be three months from any real football, but we will have something to talk about. And for all but the chronically pessimistic it will be mostly positive.

But for now, pass the crackers.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Team President Art Rooney II Says He Would Like Mike Tomlin to Be Long-term Coach. Let’s Hope that is True

With all of the activity that has been going on within the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise this offseason, it seems as if there is no guarantee that veteran players or coaches will be granted a permanent place with this organization.
So far, veterans Arnez Battle, James Farrior, Chris Kemoeatu, Bryant McFadden, Aaron Smith, and Hines Ward have been released. Moreover, on the coaching side, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’ “retirement” seemed to be a result of team president Art Rooney II just not wanting Arians as OC anymore.
Now it is being said that Rooney would love to have head coach Mike Tomlin for a long time.
According to www.nfl.com, Tomlin has a contract that “is guaranteed through 2012 with an option for 2013. Rooney’s comments about Tomlin’s contract, performance, and future were posted on www.nfl.com.
“Our coach’s contract is something we don’t really try to speculate on what might happen,” Rooney said. “We’re obviously very happy wit…

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In the Community – Bid For Hope 2011

The Steelers support of breast cancer awareness month continued when tight end Heath Miller and his wife Katie hosted Bid for Hope. The event benefits Glimmer of Hope, a foundation committed to raising funds for breast cancer research and finding a cure.

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Advertisers Hope For Big Splash With Super Bowl Commercials

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Super Bowl XLVI kicks off Sunday in Indianapolis between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

However, commercials are already being cranked out in preparation for kickoff.

Even though the Steelers are not in this year’s Super Bowl, they say they are going to play the game in Indianapolis nonetheless.

For advertisers, they say this is their time to shine.

Familiar faces are back, like the E-Trade baby who now plays the best man.

At $ 3.5 million per 30 second spot, even Super Bowl veteran Coca-Cola utilizes its logo and interactive polar bears talking about the game as it happens.

However, Honda may be rolling the dice with its spot that features a grown-up Matthew Broderick reliving his days as Ferris Bueller.

The full three-minute commercial mirrors the 1986 cult favorite comedy. The question is, will it play with generations who never saw the original?

Rival Chevrolet is also turning to comedy to sell its new Camaro.

The Chevrolet spot is really fully especially seeing as the parents put the big red bow on a dorm refrigerator for their son instead of the yellow car.

Exactly how well that money is spent is determined by how memorable the spots are with viewers and it could take weeks to determine which ones are the real winners on Super Sunday.


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Ryan’s hope is to end Atlanta’s playoff jinx

The New York Giants are four years removed from their most recent Super Bowl victory, and they have nothing on the Atlanta Falcons in terms of postseason experience. The Giants (9-7) will be the novices today when they play host to the Falcons (10-6) in an NFC wild-card game at MetLife Stadium.

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