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Jarvis Jones thought he’d be a Brown, happy to fall to Pittsburgh

Heading into the NFL draft, Jarvis Jones believed the Browns liked him with the sixth overall pick. He ended up going 17th overall to the Steelers. In the first half of the first round, a drop of 11 spots will translate to about $ 7 million less on his rookie contract. But Jones says he’s OK…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Alfred Morris knew he’d succeed in the NFL

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Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris enters Week Eight one yard from the NFL rushing lead.  Not bad for a sixth-round pick from a Florida Atlantic team that went 1-11 in 2011. But Morris had no doubt about his ability to play at the NFL level.  He explained his confidence on PFT Live today. Morris…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

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