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Pouncey hats and “Free Hernandez”: What can we really assume?

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Steelers, Dolphins have no comment on Pounceys’ “Free Hernandez” hats

Earlier today, a photo surfaced of Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey wearing “Free Hernandez” hats, apparently at their recent birthday party. We confirmed that it’s them, we left open the door to the possibility (slim) that the message on the hats was an altered image, and then we asked both teams&…

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Steelers, Dolphins will talk to Pounceys about “Free Hernandez” hats

The Steelers are saying nothing publicly about center Maurkice Pouncey’s decision to don a “Free Hernandez” hat with his twin brother, Mike, during their recent birthday party.  As we correctly surmised (for a change), the Steelers will be talking to Maurkice Pouncey privately. John Clayton of ESPN reports that the Steelers will …

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Pouncey brothers wear ‘Free Hernandez’ hats

Stupid. Simply put, stupid. I am all for supporting your friends and letting justice play out, but when you are high profile athletes and one of your own is accused of murder, maybe you should let some things slide. Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey and his twin brother, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey were at an appearance at Cameo Night Club in Miami…

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Steelers Nike Apparel & New Era Hats Now Available

A quick post to let everyone know that you can now buy official licensed Nike Pittsburgh Steelers apparel as well as the new line of Steelers New Era hats as of today. Nike announced that they will be unveiling their new designs for all the NFL uniforms on Tuesday. According to reports, most teams uniforms won’t see a major change, though Nike did push for the freedom to make over the NFL’s uniforms, similar to what they’ve done in the NCAA with teams this past season.

The new official Nike team jerseys will be available for sale on 4/15 on NFLShop and the online Official Team Stores. Read more […]

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