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Looking back at the Super Bowl

Looking back at the 2011 Super Bowl, the matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers, there was one thing evident: The Steelers made way too many mistakes.

The matchup from a talent perspective was even but the Packers without a doubt, played the better game. The Steelers got outcoached on offense and defense and the Packers players executed better and made less mistakes.

There was no excuse for Ben Roethlisberger to force that pass which resulted in a pick six. But the absolute back breaker was Rashard Mendenhall fumbling on the 30 yard line when the Steelers had the momentum heading towards the go ahead score. Talk about stupidity, how did David Johnson completely whiff on Clay Matthews who caused the Mendenhall fumble. He’s horrible and shouldn’t even be using up a roster spot. Arians got rid of John Kuhn (FB for the Packers) because he doesn’t believe in a FB in favor of the worthless David Johnson.

And how about Keyaron Fox? The Steelers would have had 2 minutes to score on the 32 yard line but instead he got a personnal foul on the kickoff essentially pushing the Steelers back to the 17. A critical penalty at a critical time.

Dick Leabeau’s secondary looked confused and out of position. Take for example the game winning touchdown by Greg Jennings. Jennings was matched up against the aging James Farrior. How does that happen?

Shall we touch on the horrible lack of adjustments by Bruce Arians? The Packers lost their two pro bowl cornerbacks and the Steelers didn’t even attempt a no huddle offense to catch them out of position. Nice work Arians, no wonder everyone except Big Ben wants you fired.

All in all, you can’t be upset about the Packers winning. The Steelers beat themselves.

Win a Trip to the Super Bowl

As you may have heard, the Dallas Convention & Visitor Bureau will be running a Mystery Man hunt in Pittsburgh this weekend with the prize being two tickets to the Super Bowl in addition to flights and accommodation. To win tickets, fans will have to find Dallas’ Mystery Man wandering the streets of Pittsburgh and say a secret phrase which can only be found on Visit Dallas Facebook Page <http://www.facebook.com/visitdallas>.

The goal of the contest is to showcase the power of Social Media and the influence of Blogs while raising awareness about Dallas as a tourism destination. We wanted to let you know about it as it might be of interest to your blog readers.

We encourage you to share details about the contest with your readers and also with your followers on Twitter. Feel free to pester us on Twitter at @DallasSBHunt for details about the clues.

Steelers top ESPN Power Rankings

For the past 2 weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have topped the ESPN power rankings thru Week 8.  The only NFC team in the top 5 is the Atlanta Falcons.  The only other NFC teams in the top 10 are the New York Giants at #9 and the Green Bay Packers at #10.  Here are the top 5 teams represented in the Week 8 ESPN Power Rankings:

1 (1)    Steelers 5-1    It turns out the Steelers are both lucky and good. (Walker)

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2 (2)    Jets    5-1    Jets are rested coming off their bye week. They seem like the No. 1 team in football. (Clayton)

3 (3)    Patriots    5-1    The Patriots are quietly moving toward division title without Randy Moss, who visits Sunday. (Clayton)

4 (4)    Ravens    5-2    The Ravens narrowly avoided embarrassment by beating the Bills at home in OT. (Walker)

5 (7)    Falcons    5-2    Roddy White nearly made MVP Watch list a week ago; no doubt now. (Sando)

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