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Rookie Safety Thomas Promises Big Hits, Maybe Fines In Rookie Year

First it was Greg Lloyd. Then Joey Porter. Don’t forget James Harrison. Now safety Shamarko Thomas? The Steelers rookie is already making waves, a week before the Steelers start training camp. He’s known as a big hitter despite coming in at just 5-foot-9, and now seems to think that he’s going to use his body […]…

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Harrison Says He’s Aiming Low on Hits to Avoid Fines

Steelers linebacker James Harrison says he’s changed his approach on hitting because of the NFL’s new standards on player safety, ESPN reports. “I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison said Friday on “Mike & Mike in the Morning.” “Situations come alo…

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NFL fines Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie $21,000

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Eagles cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie thought his hit on Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich was clean. But the NFL disagreed. Rodgers-Cromartie was fined $ 21,000 for unnecessary roughness, the league office confirmed to PFT today. In the view of the league, Rodgers-Cromartie unnecessarily struck Leftwich in the head and neck area while Lef…

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Elway links Harrison’s fines to Decker’s MCL sprain

After racking up fines and a suspension for repeated hits to opponents’ heads, Steelers linebacker James Harrison did exactly what the league office has been urging him to do on Sunday: He lowered his target when making a hit. The result was a hard shot to Broncos receiver Eric Decker’s knee, resulting in an MCL…

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Harrison Sounds Off

Read the complete article of James Harrison sounding off against .. well, everyone.

Calling Roger Goodell the devil… check

Calling out teammates… check

Calling out the New England Cheatriots… check

Calling out Brian Cushing… check

Calling out league policy… check

Harrison should have a “shut up” clause in his contract for real.  The guy is a great player and he’s even better at channeling his anger to the playing field.  But come on now Harrison, just stay away from the microphone.  Your not a good talker and you can easily be taken out of context.  The result of this is now the Pittsburgh Steelers will have a greater target on their back this year.

Read the complete article from Men’s Journal here.


Mark Schlereth Sounds Off on NFL

Mark Schlereth of ESPN rips the NFL and the commissioner Roger Goodell for it’s stance on suspending and excessively fining players for legal hits.  This is by far the most logical, accurate assessment of the situation that I have seen from the national media outlets.

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