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Minicamp serving as a finale

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He has opened the offseason program with a three-day minicamp, and this summer he’s closing the offseason with a three-day minicamp. Coach Mike Tomlin admits there are advantages to doing it each w…

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Season Finale: A Steelers Fan’s Lament

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By Dave Crawley

Eleven quick seconds. That’s all it would take

To wrap up a season and make our hearts break.

A year of travail would end in despair,

Brought to a halt on a pass…and a prayer.

With a bow to the Broncos, who played with aplomb,

Did our season implode before Tim Tebow’s bomb?
Some say the Ravens extinguished the flame
With a mind blowing drive in that infamous game.

Ninety-Two yards in just two minutes plus?
Stop them, and coast through the playoffs. No fuss.
But Flacco went wacko. Each pass was a dart,
The final one piercing our black and gold heart.

Or was is Ben’s hit by the much maligned Browns
That ended our season with with horrified frowns?
Without a clear path through the playoffs, Big Ben
Would take to the field again and again.

Lights out in ‘Frisco. Ben’s down for the count.
They again face the Browns, as injuries mount.
Though Ben’s tribulations made Steeler fans groan,
In this MASH unit season, he wasn’t alone.

But don’t be downhearted. Wipe off that tear.
A 12 and five season’s a pretty good year.
Perhaps best of all, a Steeler with class
Made history, snagging his one-thousandth pass.

So let’s savor Hines Ward and his Ward’s Hall of Fame smile,
And the team that faced struggles with stoutness and style.
Which players return? Though we don’t really know,
They have reason to bask in a Black and Gold glow.

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Ben, Pouncey Could Play In Regular Season Finale

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers will close out the regular season against the Cleveland Browns Sunday afternoon.

It looks like the Steelers could be getting some key players back into the lineup for this important game.

Head coach Mike Tomlin would not rule out Ben Roethlisberger this weekend against the Browns.

“Hopefully we get all of those guys back,” Tomlin said in his weekly press conference Tuesday. “It’s our intention right now if the guys are healthy enough to practice and prepare, of course we will play them.”

Roethlisberger missed last week’s win against the St. Louis Rams with an ankle injury sustained the last time the Steelers and Browns met.

In fact, the only people who appear unlikely to play are Mewelde Moore and Doug Legursky.

“Some guys probably on the outside looking in from a health standpoint…Mewelde Moore continues to work his way back from his MCL sprain,” Tomlin said. “Doug Legursky is probably going to be a week away with his left shoulder. We’ll make the necessary adjustments there.

“All the other guys that have existing injuries or missed the last performance due to injury are in play as we sit here today.”

LaMarr Woodley and Maurkice Pouncey could also be available, but there is no definitive word either way.

Should Pouncey returm, it would mean Trai Essex would not have to make his first career start at the center position.

Essex filled in at the center spot against the Rams on an emergency basis after Legursky went down with a shoulder injury.

A first round bye for the Steelers is still within their reach, but they do not control their own destiny.

For it to happen, the Steelers need to win and the Baltimore Ravens need to lose to the Cincinnati Bengals.

In that scenario, the Steelers would take the AFC North title and earn the No. 2 seed in the playoffs. That’s also assuming that the New England Patriots take care of business against the Buffalo Bills.

Should the Steelers win and the Ravens and Patriots lose, the Steelers would clinch the top spot in the AFC and have home field advantage for the playoffs.

Tomlin said that the team will need to be focused on the opponent in front of them and not be concerned with what is happening in other stadiums this weekend.


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Steelers’ Ward is closing in on Heinz finale

It might be inconceivable to imagine, but suddenly, there are far more questions than answers about WR Hines Ward’s future.

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