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Emmanuel Sanders angry with NFL, plans to appeal fake injury fine

Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders obviously faked an injury to give his team a free timeout in Week Seven against the Bengals, and as a result the NFL has fined him $ 15,000. That’s not a particularly stiff fine by the standards of NFL rules violations, but Sanders is still unhappy. The Associated Press reports that Sanders…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

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Sanders and the Steelers Fined for “Fake” Injury vs Bengals

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The NFL has determined that the “injury” Emmanuel Sanders suffered vs the Bengals was indeed a fake, and the team was fined along with the wide out. The NFL has fined both the Steelers and Sanders a whopping $ 50,000 for faking an injury in an October 21st game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers were […]…

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Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers fined for fake injury

The NFL has investigated the alleged cramp that Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders got at a convenient time in Week Seven against the Bengals, and the league’s conclusion is clear: Fake, fake, fake, fake. Sanders has been fined $ 15,000 for faking an injury and the Steelers have been fined $ 35,000, the league confirmed today. In a…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Why the Fake Was a Mistake

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Calls like the one Mike Tomlin made in the fourth quarter of yesterday’s win over the New York Giants are the type that make sports talk radio thrive. Of course there will be thousands of people who’ll say they loved the call and thousands more who will say they hated the call and many who won’t offer an opinion simply because the Steelers we…

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Emmanuel Sanders not disciplined, but NFL is reviewing fake injury

Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders gave the rest of the NFL a clear lesson in how to save a timeout by employing poor sportsmanship on Sunday night, faking an injury to give his team time to get the right personnel on the field. With the Steelers facing third-and-11 with six minutes left in the game, Pittsburgh…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Fake Hines Ward report catches WPXI in oops moment

Fake Web report on Hines Ward signing with Baltimore makes it to WPXI’s 6 a.m. report before issuing on-air correction.

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