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Steelers’ Isaac Redman exits with injury on opening kickoff

Already thin at running back, the Steelers suffered another blow on the opening kickoff. Isaac Redman, Pittsburgh’s starting running back, appeared to suffer a head injury on the opening kickoff and was escorted to the locker room with the team’s medical staff. The team announced that he was being evaluated for a possible concussion, an...

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Steelers’ Sean Spence exits with ugly leg injury

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For the second consecutive preseason game, the Steelers have lost one of their draft picks to an ugly leg injury. In tonight’s preseason finale, linebacker Sean Spence, the Steelers’ third-round pick in this year’s NFL draft, was carted off the field after he suffered what appeared to be a serious left leg injury. Spence’s l...

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Vick exits with hand injury

During 30 minutes or so when the switch on the Pittsburgh CBS affiliate had been flipped by the good folks at Time Warner from Steelers-Eagles to infomercials, I missed a fairly important play. Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who has vowed to do everything he can to stay healthy this season, banged his throwing hand off…

Source: ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

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