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Roethlisberger Reworks His Deal to Get Steelers Even with Salary Cap

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The Steelers did more wheeling and dealing today, and with the announcement that QB Ben Roethlisberger has re-done his deal, the team is at even with the NFL salary cap.

The two-time Super Bowl winning QB reworked his deal and cleared about $ 8 million in team cap room, according to his agent Ryan Tollner. He didn’t lose any money in the deal, but it sure does help the black and gold, who are trying to find ways to keep WR Mike Wallace.

Ben is the fifth Steelers player to restructure his deal. It was reported that the Steelers were $ 8 mil over the cap, which is about $ 120 mil per team. The reworked deal puts them right at the mark.

Roethlisberger had a salary of $ 11.6 million for 2012 before the restructuring. He is signed through the 2015 season on an eight-year deal he signed in 2008.

The four other vets to redo their deals to get the team help include linebackers LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons, cornerback Ike Taylor and tackle Willie Colon.

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Pittsburgh “power struggle” puts even more pressure on Haley

Steelers fans don’t like it when media members not headquartered in Pittsburgh point out the inherent awkwardness surrounding the clumsy, short-lived “retirement” of offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and the somewhat surprising hiring of new offensive coordinator Todd Haley. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond to Joe Starkey’s take from Sunday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review regarding…

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Even if Hines Ward Finishes His Career with Another Team, it Won’t Tarnish His Legacy with the Steelers


What do Joe Montana, Joe Namath, O.J. Simpson and Jerry Rice all have in common? They were legendary football players who were almost synonymous with the teams they played with in the prime of their careers, yet, they all retired after playing their “golden” years with other teams.

There’s been much talk and speculation in Steeler Nation about whether or not Hines Ward has played his last game with the Steelers, and whether he’ll retire as a member of the Black and Gold or finish out his playing days with another team.

According to reports, the Steelers may part ways with Ward even though he’s willing to do whatever he can to restructure his contract in-order to help the team fix their cap troubles.

If Hines Ward does have to leave, many fans (including me) would hate to see him play out the twilight of his career with another team.

In today’s day and age of free agency and rampant player movement, it’s always refreshing to see a legend play for the same team his entire career. It certainly makes for a great story, but at the end of the day, if Hines Ward still wants to play football, I hope he’s not judged too harshly by the fans and media for it.

Ward is one of the very few people in the world who is lucky enough to get to do what he’s been doing for the past 14 seasons–excel in a sport at its highest level.

Once any professional athlete decides to hang it up, that’s pretty much it. If a lawyer decides he or she wants to give up practicing law, they know in the back of their mind they can go back to it any time they want.

It’s different for an athlete. Hines will be 36 years old this season, and in our minds as football fans, he’s an old geezer, but in terms of the real world, he’s still in the prime of his life, and it’s hard to walk away from something you’ve always loved at such a young age.

No matter what Ward does the rest of his life, he probably won’t be able to replace the thrill and excitement that he gets from playing football in front of thousands of screaming fans. He won’t find it dancing, he probably won’t get that same rush acting, and I doubt even a career as a football analyst will be able to fill the void of competing on the football field.

This is where the fans have it over the players. Cheering for the Steelers will give me the same rush when I’m in my 50’s and 60’s that it gives me now, and that it gave me when I was a kid.

In the grand scheme of things, Ward only has a very small window to live out his dream, and if he feels he still wants to play, even for another team, I don’t think it will harm his image in Pittsburgh after he finally does retire.

Does anyone even remember that Joe Montana played his final years with the Kansas City Chiefs? When I was a kid, I was amazed to find out that Joe Namath retired after playing a year or so with the Rams.

Did anyone even know that Jerry Rice played his last official game in 2004 as a member of the Seattle Seahawks? I sure didn’t. In my mind, Rice will always be a 49er.

Closer to home, Steelers legends like Franco Harris and Rod Woodson finished their careers with other teams. Heck, Woodson played a significant amount of time after leaving the Steelers and even won a championship as a member of the Ravens. However, I think it’s safe to say that when people think of Rod Woodson, they picture him making a huge play while wearing the black and gold.

Would it seem weird for me to see Ward’s famous smile under a different colored helmet? No doubt, and heck, I might even catch some ribbing from fans of other teams for it, but I’m sure Hines Ward isn’t concerned about my message board cred, he has to do what’s best for him.

No matter where he finishes his career, Hines will always be a Steeler to me.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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Brett Keisel Not Even Named a Pro Bowl Alternate? The Beard was Snubbed

Now this is just wrong.  Keisel is having his best season.  What he has had to play through this season is unreal.  He is part of the number one defensive unit in the NFL and he is making plays every game.
Keisel has had to work through so much this year.  He has had to play without Casey Hampton for 3 games on his inside.  That does not even count that Hampton’s back up Chris Hoke has missed the entire season.  Keisel had to do more to stop the run then ever before with the lack of a middle presence in many games.
Keisel has been working with less then usual on his outside shoulder as well.  He also has had to play without James Harrison for 5 games with an eye injury and suspension.  During that time Lawrence Timmons replaced Harrison.  That meant Larry Foote came off the bench for Timmons in the middle.  Keisel had no help around him.  He had to protect inside, outside and his back side due to injuries.
Keisel helped lead the Steelers the to the number one overall defense. …

Source: Yardbarker: Pittsburgh Steelers

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