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New Steelers defenders shine despite Week 1 loss to Titans


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Despite personnel changes, steady Steelers are still a challenge


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Despite injuries, the Steelers are still fighting for a playoff spot. Week 15.

The Steelers are still fighting for the playoffs and must win all their remaining games.
With only three weeks left in the season it's time to teams to step-up and secure a playoff spot or start looking forward to next season. 
After a rough couple weeks I'm sitting at 132-76, I need to step it up.
Here's a quick look at this weeks games.

NY G...

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Steelers will rally around Leftwich despite doubters

One thing we know about the Steelers, they take the “us against the world” mentality and run with it any chance they get. Bill Cowher preached it during his tenure, and the players today still use it when they feel like nobody is giving them a chance.
Right now, most of the league “experts” are leaving the Steelers for dead now that Ben Roe...

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Despite Threats, Steelers Manage To Rear Ugly Head Sunday On Special Teams

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin laid down the law this past week to his special team units when he said that he would take action against players that committed egregious penalties. Unfortunately that message wasn't loud enough as the Steelers almost let the Washington Redskins back into the game Sunday when a retuned punt for a touchdow...

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This Season Has Lots Of Positives Despite Steelers’ Woes

pitss_vs_oak.jpgMany players have stepped up in the Steelers' season thus far, so if this trend continues Pittsburgh should be okay in spite of its 1-2 start.

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Despite frustrating returns, Randle El always gave his best

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Former Steelers wide out and return man Antwaan Randle El will not be joining the Hall of Fame as he enters retirement. He will not be remembered for having huge games in terms of yardage and return yardage and frankly, when his name comes up, thoughts of his touchdown pass to Hines Ward in Super Bowl XL is what you remember.
It’s hard to imagine a slot receiver and return man being as polarizing as ARE was in his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers. At a time when most people disagree about the quarterback or the head coach or a star running back, Randle El was often a lightning rod for Steelers’ fans.
No one doubted his skills or ability which were somewhat limited due to his smallish stature and you could never deny his work ethic or heart. Often, the guy played much bigger than himself and made many great catches when his team needed them the most but he was never going to be a superstar.
With that said, no one frustrated the Black ‘n Gold faithful more on a punt...

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Report Suggests Steelers May Release Hines Ward, Despite Ward’s Offer To Take Pay Cut

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers (55) pursues Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward (86) in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

The timing of re-emerging speculation about the future of Steelers WR Hines Ward is curious, to say the least.

NFL Network reporter Jason La Canfora recently told the network's "NFL Total Access" show that Ward will not be back in Pittsburgh next season, according to his sources.

Ward won't be back for the $ 4 million he's currently owed for 2012, that much is true. However, Ward has said that he'd be amenable to a pay cut, and while he'd be "devastated" if he didn't play in Pittsburgh, he still wants to play football.

Amid several Steelers restructuring their contracts to alleviate certain salary cap doom this season, it makes sense to think the Steelers simply haven't gotten to Ward yet. His $ 4 million salary is certainly out of the team's range, but it would make sense if he were to take a reduction to stay as - at worst - the team's fourth receiver going into mini-camp (based on who else is currently under contract).

Rumors that Ward won't be back at all paints a different picture than just salary, though. A team that currently has four receivers under contract - Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Ward - would seem to want to bring more guys in, not get rid of any. If Ward is willing to drop his price (he isn't likely to get much more than the veteran minimum with a new contract anywhere else), then it seems both sides would be getting what they need.

If the Steelers simply don't want Ward back in 2012, then some of the cap room they're trying to create could presumably be used on Jerricho Cotchery - who was scooped up during training camp right before the season and taking Ward's minutes as a flanker on passing downs by the end of the year.

But Cotchery is not the same asset in the running game that Ward is: Ward has been utilized in motion, oftentimes as a lead-blocker on designed running plays. It's possible that new Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley and Head Coach Mike Tomlin no longer wish to use a receiver in this relatively unusual capacity - even though Ward is arguably one of the best blocking receivers in the history of the game - and as such, it would make the rarer assets of Ward's skill-set more expendable.

The team does not exactly have the luxury of time before having to make their decision: there is reportedly a clause in Ward's contract that says the team must guarantee him his job by March 1 (not March 13, the actual start of the league's 2012 year), or release him.

Regardless of what Ward's situation is with fitting/not fitting into our offensive plans, the likely reality is that there is still work out there for a two-time Super Bowl champion and a former Super Bowl MVP. Ward could almost certainly find himself a new jersey if he was determined to keep playing. Whether or not he could realize a level of success and satisfaction is still difficult to project though.

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Steelers defensive lineman Hoke persisted despite long odds

Chris Hoke was the consummate role player who planted his hands in the trenches and committed to doing the dirty work that enabled others to thrive amid the spotlight.

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