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Does Rooney Not Trust Tomlin on Coaching Personnel Decisions?

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In what seemed like a backhanded slap by Art Rooney II to Mike Tomlin this week Bruce Arians was forced into retirement.  Tomlin had come out publicly and backed Arians and wanted him to return.  He did this on more then one occasion.  Less then a week later Arians “retired” for us to only find out later he retired because his contract was not going to be renewed.
It seems like the Steelers love Tomlin as a coach but do not trust his personnel choices.  We had this discussion last week within the BB and G group.  We went through all of Tomlin’s coaches and realized that he had really made maybe one coaching personnel decision.  That was the hiring of Offensive Line Coach Sean Kugler.  The rest of the guys were just renewed or fixtures from the past regime.
It has been reported that Kirby Wilson was Tomlin’s next choice to be offensive coordinator.  Since Wilson will not be ready to do anything for quite while as he fights for his life after being burned (get …

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