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Big Ben lobbies Steelers to keep Sanders by Sunday deadline

Ben Roethlisberger doesn't want to see another one of his targets leave Pittsburgh after already seeing receiver Mike Wallace bolt for Miami.

He's reportedly been lobbying hard for the Steelers to match the Patriots' offer sheet to Emmanuel Sanders, CBSSports.com's Jason La Canfora said on Friday.

Time is indeed running out for the Steelers, wh...

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NFLPA Has Not Yet Approved New IR Rules, Later Trade Deadline

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Deadline for Wallace to Sign RFA Tender Today, GM Colbert Says No Reduction Coming


Speculation often takes on a life of its own. It's not that information is intentionally reported falsely, it's just the cliche game of telephone. "John is sitting on the right" turns into "John is standing over there with a cup of coffee purple monkey dishwasher."

In digging through stories regarding Steelers WR Mike Wallace, who has until today to sign his restricted free agency tender before the Steelers have the right to reduce it from $ 2.7 million to $ 577,000, I came across two main themes; One, everyone seems comfortable in suggesting the Steelers won't exercise that right, and two, no one confirms with the Steelers that's the case.

Until Thursday, that is.

The Tribune-Review noted Steelers GM Kevin Colbert's appearance on Mark Madden's 105.9 FM show the Steelers will not reduce Wallace's tender offer, but the timing of his announcement is interesting.

It's as if he's playing the "in good faith card." That's really what this whole negotiation is about.

Most never felt the team would reduce it, but clearly, Art Rooney II wasn't thrilled with Wallace not attending minicamp. In that, he could make a valid argument that both sides were asked to negotiate in good faith, and part of that is signing his RFA tender and showing up to work with his team.

I'm not suggesting that's the right course of action, but it's fair for Rooney to exercise his collectively bargained right to reduce his tender after the other side snubbed his team by not showing up to a mandatory event.

This bleeds into a frequently argued point on here. Wallace is technically not under contract with the Steelers, although the Steelers maintain his rights. He cannot play somewhere in 2012 without the Steelers' approval, which is in many ways a binding contract. As a part of the NLFPA, Wallace is subject to the same rules regarding restricted free agency, and while I'm fairly certain the Steelers wouldn't be allowed to put a gun to his head and force him to run fly routes, the idea centers around negotiating in good faith.

So should he show up or shouldn't he? Should the Steelers reduce his tender offer or shouldn't they?

Is Colbert's well-timed statement his way of acting in good faith? If it is, what will Wallace's be?

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

NFL to Discuss New IR and Trade Deadline Rules with NFLPA


The NFL's Injured-Reserve (IR) list was created as a way for teams to make room on their roster for a healthy player while maintaining rights to an injured player under contract.

Among other things, a player placed on the IR receives the remainder of the money owed to him in that season, but is no longer eligible to play for the remainder of the year.

The NFL is currently in negotiations to tweak that rule, allowing a player to return to the roster from the IR at a point in the season.

Currently, a player on the 53 man roster stays there unless he is released or placed on the IR. This differs from Major League Baseball, for example, where a player is put on the Disabled List, thus, not counting on their 25-man roster. MLB can have a player not count on their active roster for 15 or 60 days, so they can bring in a replacement while that player recovers. The NFL's policy does not allow that, presumably, to stem the desire of a team to stash a player away, not having him count against their roster but not having to risk letting him go either.

While the details are yet to be hammered out (two of the biggest details being the length of time a player must spend on the IR before being eligible for reactivation and compensation for that player while on the IR), but this rule would help a team deal with a player's injury in a less-than-absolute fashion, and allow some time for rehabilitation and healing before making a definitive judgment on his availability the rest of the year.

The most likely injury this would create flexibility with would be concussions. Those injuries vary so greatly in terms of severity from player to player, and it's difficult to determine how long a player may struggle with that injury. This would allow a team to place a player on IR for several weeks, and have him rejoin the roster when he's functionally and safely able to play again.

The league is also in discussions with the union over moving the trade deadline back from Week 6 to Week 8. The idea is to allow a bit more time for trades to develop, and have the playoff picture a little bit more defined before disallowing teams to pursue other players.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

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What the Passing of Friday’s RFA Deadline Means to Mike Wallace and the Steelers


April 20 was a day marked on the calendars of more than just Gratetful Dead fans.

It was the last day other teams could sign Steelers restricted free agent Mike Wallace to an offer sheet. Since that passed, Wallace has no ability to sign with another team barring a trade.

And that's good news for the Steelers.

It mostly means they maintain all the leverage in the ongoing contract negotiation. It was partially true, through Friday, to suggest the Steelers had the leverage anyway, but it was still possible for a team to sacrifice a first-round draft pick for the services of the 2012 Pro Bowl receiver.

Now, other teams can't even do that.

The possibility of a trade has been discussed here and other sites, and it's not out of the question. Wallace, to this point, has kept quiet publicly, which has in turn led to lots of speculation surrounding the stance he's currently taking. The biggest false perception is Wallace not having signed his free agent tender - the way the other Steelers restricted free agents have - is indicative of his desire to skip offseason activities while waiting for a new deal.

It wouldn't make any sense for him to sign it until the restricted free agency period was over (Friday). So through Friday, that perception wasn't provable, but now that argument can be made. We shouldn't expect him to sign, either. The longer he waits on putting himself under contract for the 2012 season, the less likely the Steelers would be to negotiate any kind of deal that would pay him more than $ 2.7 million for this season.

It's also not typical for Steelers players to hold out during training camp (the time it really matters if a player isn't present), even if they have contract extension expectations. LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons and Troy Polamalu all received extensions last season early in camp, and all of them reported in good faith.

Until then, both sides will play the waiting game (which as Homer says, sucks, so let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippos instead). The Steelers will progress through the draft, likely without the contract situation acting as any kind of factor into the decisions they'll make in five days. Wallace and Bus Cook, his agent, will continue to remain silent in the public, and both sides will likely re-visit the issue in May, before OTAs.

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

Steelers Marching Towards The Tender Deadline

The 2012 NFL combine has come and gone and now the next key date on the 2012 NFL calendar for the Pittsburgh Steelers is March 5th, as that is the deadline for the restricted tenders and franchise tag to be issued.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert told the media during his press conference at the combine that they were still waiting to hear what the official cap number will be for 2012, and that will dictate the moves that will need to be made to be cap compliant by March 13th. The team has already reportedly tendered Isaac Redman, Steve McLendon and Jeremy Kapinos, their three exclusive Read more [...]

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