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A Look Back: The Steel Curtain Dominates In The 70′s

The revised edition with new chapters and updated stats in which I wrote back in 2010 has arrived in stores, dedicated to the Black and Gold entitled “100 Things Every Steelers Fan Should Know Before They Die.” The book, published by Triumph Books, is now available in all major book stores and retails for $ 14.95. […]…

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Steel Curtain Linebackers: Can Jarvis Jones Break Tradition?

If their is two things the city of Pittsburgh is known for it is; 1.)Steel Mills 2.) Solid Linebacker play. Generations of Steeler Fans have enjoyed some of the best linebacker history in all of football. From the days of Jack Lambert and Jack Ham to Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd in the 90′s. A series of great linebackers have followed In Lamber…

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Steel Curtain: Steelers Defensive Line

Some moves have been made up front on the Black and Yellow defensive front. Casey Hampton appears to have played his last game for the Steelers, and in to replace the former Pro Bowl nose tackle is Steve Mclendon. The Steelers re-signed Mclendon, in hopes that Hampton’s former back-up can fill the void. Mclendon has a lot of potential to becom…

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Mt. Rushmore series ends Friday with Steel Curtain

The month of June is winding down.  Which means that our segment which arguably qualifies for the Mt. Rushmore of time-filling is coming to a conclusion. It ends with a black-and-gold bang, as we try to whittle the all-time Steelers greats from 12 down to four. Of all teams, this was the hardest — both…ProFootballTalk » Pittsburgh Steelers

Two Behind The Steel Curtain Mock Drafts, two different perspectives

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Steel Curtain Radio: Lance Williams Speaks with BTSC About Training Camp

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Training Camp is Approaching, Behind The Steel Curtain Wants Your Help

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Behind The Steel Curtain Looking for Twitter Manager


If you’re a social media guru, can articulate interesting, humorous or otherwise insightful messages in 140 characters or less, BTSC (@btsteelcurtain) could use your help.

We’re soliciting a person or a few people to take responsibility of Behind The Steel Curtain’s Twitter account. Duties will include frequent posting of Steelers-related (not personal) information, which will include random musings, trivia, factoids or any other cute term for small tidbits of information pertaining to the six-time Super Bowl champions.

We’d like the messages to be clean, non-antagonistic and in favor of promoting our brand.

This position will likely take full effect during the season, but we’d like to get to know our next Twitter manager now as we prepare for the long haul of the year.

We need to stress frequency and consistency as the main objectives for this position. If you’re addicted to your phone or are in front of a computer all the time, and find yourself thinking of something Steelers-related pretty often, it could be a fun position for you.

Email me (Neal Coolong, click on my name below the headline of this article) or send me a Tweet (@NealCoolong) if you would like to be considered.

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Steel Curtain Radio: ‘Don’t Blame Arians’

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Why did the Steelers struggle in comparison to other playoff teams?

Steel Curtain Radio host Lance Williams broke down the Steelers’ red zone drives in 2011, and his conclusion is former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is not to blame.

It was more about the transition from the old guard to the new guys becoming “the guys,” emphasizing “the.”

The development of those guys, on the offensive side of the ball, was the responsibility of Arians. Many in SteelerNation have shredded Arians, particularly for his play-calling in the red zone. My contention with Arians wasn’t the red zone calls, but the fact the options in the red zone were limited due to a general strategy to get the ball deep down the field at all costs.

At the same time, that strategy made sense. At this point last year, not many would have said it’s a bad idea to get WR Mike Wallace, the game’s best deep receiver, the ball 70 times at 18 yards a pop. I wrote the Steelers have a tank to drive on defense, and a Ferrari to drive on offense. I was referring to the big-play ability when they had the ball.

Steelers Hall of Famer Joe Greene put it better than anyone: “…run it when you need to, throw it when you need to.” A football team needs to establish itself physically in short yardage situations. Of course the defense expects you to run on 3rd-and-2. Why does that prevent you from running the ball?

Williams says in his show, “great teams smash people.” If a team can’t line up and exert their will on another team for two yards, they don’t deserve to move the chains.

To be fair, New England led the league in most red zone scoring statistics. They didn’t run the ball particularly well. But they scored touchdowns two of every three times they were in the red zone.

The Steelers scored one out of every two trips.

To tie this back to what Williams is saying, the execution of a play, whatever it is, ultimately rests on the players. Getting those players to execute, though, is on the offensive coordinator.

Whatever new offensive coordinator Todd Haley does this season, he needs to get this offense moving in a better direction inside the 20s.

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Is the steel curtain closing for Polamalu?

According to nfl.com, during his appearance at this week’s OTAs, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu said that he thinks about the end of his career “all the time”, Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on Thursday.
“People have asked me how many years do you think you can play?” Polamalu said. “My reaction is always, when you live day to day, it’s hard to talk years. It’s always been my mantra in life, whether it was my first year as a rookie or year 10, I just live day to day.”
Polamalu prefers to do workout own his own instead of with teammates during the off-season, but has decided that he will partcipate in voluntary workouts due to the release or retirement of veteran players. The soft-spoken Polamalu prefers to lead by example, with inside linebacker Larry Foote taking the vocal role once occupied by James Farrior, who is contemplating his own retirement following his release for salary cap purposes.
“You hate to put that kind of load on Larry,” Polamalu said last week. “You can’t say that even James Farrior was going to be exactly the same kind of leader Joey (Porter) was. And he wasn’t. I’m sure Larry can be a leader on this defense, but he won’t be the exact leader that James Farrior was, for sure.”
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