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New York Giant Henry Hynoski Talks Road To NFL, NFC Championship Game

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) — New York Giant Henry Hynoski joined Joe Starkey and Josh Miller of Seibel, Starkey and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to talk about his rookie season in the NFL and getting ready to take on the 49er’s this week in the NFC Championship game.

Henry told us what it was like walking out onto Lambeau Field last week with his family there watching him and what a special moment it was getting the win over the Packers.

We also took a look back with Henry at his decision to leave Pitt a year early and how great things have worked out for him.  Henry revealed that after he went undrafted, Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin called him asking if he wanted to sign with the Steelers, and what a hard decision it was for him to choose the Giants over Steelers, but admitted it just wasn’t the right fit for him.

We wrapped things up with Henry getting his thoughts on the Todd Graham era at Pitt and how it all went down.

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Championship Game Analysis Looks at Physical Giants Receivers and a Plan of Success for New England

Working off-schedule is kind of nice.

Without much of a news budget scheduled until march (draft madness, baby), we’re pretty much going to freehand most of the writing. I see that as a good thing. Being serious get old after a while.

I’m gonna stay off-schedule, and just give you some of my uncensored, random thoughts on the match-ups this weekend. I shared my feelings on the Brady v. Flacco match-up coming up, I’ll try to dig into the NFC game a bit too.

I have two older brothers, and I’ve often thought about what it would be like if both of us were (chuckle) head coaches in the NFL.

Everyone talked about the Harbaughs exchanging information in regards to upcoming opponents. I dismissed this as having anything of value because coaches do that all the time. Raheem Morris, the former Buccaneers coach, worked under Mike Tomlin on Jon Gruden’s staff in Tampa Bay in 2005. You think they don’t share information as well? Does the fact they aren’t blood relatives make that scenario any more or less likely?

If anything, when I think of either of my brothers being at that level with me, I think more of the times I had to be the center while one completed the Super Bowl-winning touchdown pass to the other, or the times they’d play goal line stand, where I had to get in the end zone from a yard out against both of them.

I may give them some of my honest opinion, but I’m going to throw a red herring or two in there as well.

“Nah, don’t worry about Ninkovich, run away from him, what happened against Denver was an aberration. And that bit with Hernandez in the backfield? Don’t worry about it, there’s no chance all they were doing was putting it on film so you think they’ll run out of that formation next week. Sell out for the run, Ray Lewis can cover him in the open field, no problem.”

It may not necessarily be with Hernandez, but look for the Patriots to stretch the Ravens defense out much like what Houston did. Granted, they don’t have Arian Foster, and they aren’t the greatest run-blocking team, but their linemen are quick and athletic, and setting up play-action off getting Baltimore’s linebackers moving horizontally will open up a lot of room down the seam.

Clearly, the story in this game is Baltimore’s defense vs. New England’s offense, so the other side on both teams needs to come up with a few plays. With the Ravens offensive line falling apart, and the Patriots defense playing above the sum of its parts (which still isn’t much), this will come down to Baltimore’s ability to keep Flacco upright long enough to eventually hit one of the deep passes they insist on throwing. Conventional wisdom would suggest the Ravens would simply pepper the Patriots with even doses of Ray Rice and TEs Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, but I’m done trying to apply common sense to Baltimore’s offensive game plan.

Rest assured, though Tom Brady will not throw straight into tight high-low coverage multiple times the way T.J. Yates did. Remember that when you hear Ravens fans crying about the lack of coverage in their secondary. However, it may not matter, because if the Ravens defense is as good as everyone says it is, there’s no reason they cannot dial up the kind of pressure needed to stop Brady.

As for what Brother John is saying to Brother Jim about the Giants:

“Make Nicks beat you. It’s ok to cut him loose to eliminate Cruz. He’s really not that strong, and can’t really make big plays in traffic. He’ll fumble, too, if you hit him square in the chest, so emphasize stripping the ball over putting him on the ground. Whitner can play on his own in the deep secondary, so tell your corners to go for the pick.”

Donte Whitner nearly single-handedly cost San Francisco a win when they had no business losing. Yes, turnovers have been San Francisco’s bread-and-butter all season, but there comes a point you need to recognize when an offense simply has a physical advantage over you. Whitner’s lame attempt to go for the ball on the 7-foot-5 Jimmy Graham missed horribly, and Graham went for a 66-yard touchdown.

The Giants are going to try to run deep posts and digs on Whitner and take advantage of the good size and excellent strength of their receivers. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Giants are added to the “best receiving corps in the game” conversation before this season is over. Nicks and Cruz are easily the strongest pair of receivers in the league, and they’re emerging as the best playmakers as well.

Look for this to be a brutally physical match-up. San Francisco has the most aggressive defense of the remaining playoff teams, but as the Saints proved, over-aggression can be a problem in big games. Also, like the Saints proved, five turnovers means little, because, in the end, the team that goes the hardest for the longest is going to win. A true battle of attrition. And you know Mike Tomlin likes that.

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AFC championship game: Tape will tell all for New England

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On a rare Sunday off, New England Patriots players relaxed in front of their television sets to watch the only team standing between them and another Super Bowl appearance. They were impressed, though not surprised, by the Baltimore Ravens. “They’re a great team,” New England wide receiver Wes Welker said Monday. “They wouldn’t be in this spot if they weren’t.

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Steelers Fans Conflicted Over AFC Championship Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The NFL playoffs have been as close to a nightmare as you can possibly get for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers qualified for the playoffs as the No. 5 seed in the AFC and drew an 8-8 Denver Broncos team, which was limping into the playoffs.

Most experts and even odds-makers had the Steelers as heavy favorites in the game.

However, Tim Tebow hooked up with Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown on the first play of overtime to end the Steelers’ season.

Things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Steelers fans could they?

Think again.

The playoff picture became even more dismal for Steelers fans when the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots won their respective Divisional Round games.

Now, two teams many Steelers fans cannot stand are going to battle it out with a berth in the Super Bowl on the line.

So, the question begging to be answered is, who are Steelers fans “cheering” for this weekend?

Many fans weighed in on the issue on KDKA-TV’s Facebook page Monday afternoon.

There was a major divide among Steelers Nation, but most wanted to see the Patriots take out the Ravens.

“There is just no way I could root for the Ravens. Pats by default,” Deb Hall Vinton said.

“It’s a shame to have to say Pats, but torture couldn’t make me cheer for Baltimore!” Cheri Griffen Geer said.

However, there were some Steelers fans out there who were willing to root for the Ravens, if only for one week.

“Don’t like either team, but will be cheering for Ravens. At least keep it in our division if the Steelers can’t do it,” Sharyn Elliott said.

“I hate both New England and Baltimore. But if I have to choose, the Ravens,” Chris Mcconnell said.

Naturally, there were some fans who said they won’t be watching the game and are just rooting for the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl to win.

However, there was one person with an entirely different angle, which seemed to resonate with several fans.

“I’m rooting for Russian space junk to hit the stadium,” Kirk Howard said.

Whether it’s the Patriots, Ravens or even Russian space junk, there is a silver lining.

One of these two most-hated Steelers rivals will be watching the Super Bowl at home.


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Steelers’ Insider Talks Possibility Of Division Championship

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Every Monday morning, 93.7 The Fan Steelers’ Insider,and Post-Gazette Beat Writer, Ed Bouchette joins the Fan Morning Show at 8 a.m.

Ed says that the Steelers are planning on playing Ben Roethlisberger if he is healthy to a certain extent. He says the team doesn’t want to have him sit out two (possibly) three weeks and become rusty.

The main difference between Antonio Brown’s rookie, and sophomore season, according to Ed,  is experience. He thinks that Antonio is learning a more developed system than he had at Central Michigan and as he develops, he has the potential for stardom.

Ed didn’t notice any problems with Trai Essex at center, so that must be a good thing, saying, “Trai can play every position on that offensive line.” Fellow offensive lineman, Marcus Gilbert was being punished for a lack of preparation, and Ed doesn’t think it was a big deal. He says that the message was received, and the team will move on.

The Ravens have the potential to lose their game on the road to the Bengals on Sunday, which would give the Steelers the top seed in the AFC North if they beat the Browns.

We also get Ed’s thoughts on LaMarr Woodley and what is exactly going on with his hamstring.

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WPIAL Championship – Class AA

The unbeaten Aliquippa Indians made it to Heinz for the 4th consecutive year, their opponent this time was the 12-0 Jeannette Jayhawks. (week 13 – 2011)

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